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What's the coolest shot you've ever made?

This is a discussion on What's the coolest shot you've ever made? within the Gun Stories forums, part of the Firearm Forum category; I already posted a while back but recently topped that one. First two shots from a 500 Nitro Express at 25yds, 570gr Woodleighs under a ...

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Old September 28th, 2015, 06:34 PM   #121
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I already posted a while back but recently topped that one. First two shots from a 500 Nitro Express at 25yds, 570gr Woodleighs under a full charge. Don't ask me to do it again...

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Coolest weapon...main gun on an M60A1 tank. I can't imagine anything better for me except if I could fly an A10 and have some fun with that gatling gun.

Best shot...I stacked two .45 rounds on a moving target in a pistol match once with a duty gun, duty ammo, and duty gunbelt. Of course right after that a Lt with the Border Patrol shooting a .38 super totally dominated the course.
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As a teen I made a 50 yard open sight shot free standing with my Remington 788 .243 Win at the top of the head of a woodchuck (which was all that I could see). Saw the large cloud of dust from the bullet impact on the hump of dirt in front of his hole and figured I missed. Hit him in the nose and the bullet traveled down his spine and out the backside emptying his carcass into the burrow. What a mess!

Another was at a rabbit at point blank with the same rifle fired from the hip. I was spattered with dirt and rabbit bits. There was a crater with only the tail remaining.

Amazing what we did as kids when the parents weren't watching, eh?
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Old October 12th, 2015, 11:12 AM   #124
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I shot at a fox 400 yds away with a 30-06 the wind was blowing I put the rifle on a fence post and I aimed 2.5 ft in front of him. Blew off his tail left a big crater in the ground. The rifle was a 721 remington. Didn't get a 2nd shot it was headed for parts unknown!
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Old January 1st, 2016, 09:02 AM   #125
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My worst shot and best shot were on the same day with the same gun. I was out with my nephews on the home place, down by the dam. Shooting the SKS and my Colt Gov't model .380.
Set up a feed sack on a couple wire fence posts, stepped back 10 yards, aimed the .380 and . . .
We could not even find a hole in the surrounding dirt! Of course, got a lot of crap from the nephews about "being such a great shot!"

As we were packing up to leave, I spotted a snake swimming in the pond. I was up on the bank, shooting down into the water, no possibility of a ricochet. Told Mark to notice where the bullet hits in relation to the snake. I did NOT want to kill the snake, just use it as a reference. Plus, it was moving, and out about 50'; no chance of hitting it.
Got the sights on it, led it just a little, and squeezed off the trigger.
NAILED IT IN THE NECK, RIGHT WHERE I WAS AIMING & LEADING!! Mark waded out to retrieve it: a 6' bull snake, friend of farmers! Really felt bad about killing it, but not bad enough to get a picture.
This was about 20 years and 50 pounds ago!
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Old January 1st, 2016, 10:58 AM   #126
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20mm is fun but... I would say 5 mags of .223 in 3 rounds burst while moving from 100m to 25m in less than 5 minutes this summer.

And the result was cool too (depends on the point of view):
- striker broken
- linkage inside the gun out of order
- barrel becamed blue/purple
- target completly out
I didn't mentionned the rifle should have been as old as me, one of the first FAMAS, it has to be replaced.
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Old January 1st, 2016, 11:18 AM   #127
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I shot a 30 out of 30 on an outdoor pop up range with my g.i. Colt ar15 in the rain. This was at camp blanding.
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Old January 1st, 2016, 12:23 PM   #128
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My favorite shot, and I happened to catch on video, was with a Mossberg Maverick 88 shotgun. I was shooting at a pumpkin...first shot was with a slug and blew the top off the pumpkin. Made for a great pumpkin pie

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Old January 1st, 2016, 12:57 PM   #129
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It is 1966/67, a seaman on the USCGC Point Baker, part of Group Port Aransas Station.
We are on the fantail at the CG docks, stern looking out to the water way and assorted scenery, holding instruction of the line throwing gun.
This, a modified "03 Springfield with a smooth bore and the case for the braided red nylon line.
Having "mentioned" that I had ROTC in high school, and being on the rifle team, the First Class Boats gave me the device.
I had never held one before. Had never even seen an "03 Springfield rifle.
After introducing safety and working restrictions, the Boats instructed me to aim for the marker light on the piling off our stern.
This light marked one side of the passage to the marina.
I inquired: "You mean over the light?"
His exasperated answer--[I honestly don't understand how my questions resulted in his negative attitude]--"No, dammitt, aim for the #$%^^& light!"
I thought about the 1.5 ounce "dummy" now in the muzzle and the grenade launching cartridge in the chamber, placed the butt in my shoulder "pocket", thought about how the recoil couldn't be much different from my Dad's L.C. Smith double barrel, thought about the projectile path...., and fired.
High arc, straight and true....
Until that day, I had never before seen a man's eyes literally "bug out".
It being just after noon chow, the area about us was quiet, peaceful.
And no one else was looking!!!
The Chief NCOIC, cough to disguse his laughter, the Chief Engineer and his two "snipes" left "to do something", leaving use deck crew topside.
The First Class let out enough length of orange line so that the "evidence" was below the water line, cut it and left it tied to the rail.
And AFTER The W3, officer in command of the station, left for the day at 1600 hours,
We went out in the 12 Boston Whaler and replaced the lantern. The Chief having made a deal with the Aids to Navigation contingent at the station.
Wow! That WAS GREAT!
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Not sure if I would call it my coolest shot or my luckiest shot or both!

My shooting friends and I used to have this game where one of us would stand in a circle drawn on the ground and be blindfolded while the others got clay targets and placed them all over the place outside the circle. The goal was to be able to locate and shoot them all while staying in the circle in the quickest time. We normally used rifles, but this case we used handguns. Long story short I was using my Security Six before it became my CCW a few years later. Don't remember if I was shooting .38s or .357s. Anyways, long story short my friends thought it would be funny to put one clay target like 200 yards from my circle. When I finally located it and took a shot I was able to at least see where the bullet hit. Took a second shot and wouldn't you know it.......I HIT IT! Don't know which reactions were better. Mine or my friend's.
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My wife and a buddy of mine was out shooting into a mud cliff in some property we had leased in Georgia. My wife was shooting a .22LR Mark II, and My buddy and I were shooting a 4" .357, loaded with .38spcl rounds. My buddy was all over the target, he didn't have much gun experience. He looked at my wife and said the only reason that you are keeping yours in the 9 ring is because you are shooting that little .22. My wife didn't say a word. Not one word. She just laid down that Mark II, and picked up the Colt Trooper, and loaded it with .357 mag 125gr (My carry loads), She put all 6 in the 9 ring. There was no need to say a word.
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Got two of em......
As a kid, we used to take our family vacations in Wisconsin, at my grandparents farm. My Dad would bring his weatherby .22 and we would shoot.... a lot. We had set a plank across some gutter spikes nailed in the side of my grandpa's grainery, and set a bunch of cans on it, and were shootin at em. My Dad said to me, "Bet I can get em all with one shot" ? I said no way, so he shot the plank and made all the cans jump ! So I said "Well, I think I can beat you"......... So the can at the left was an old ham can, so I shot it right at the seam on the right, and that can took to spinning like a top and cleaned all the other cans right off the board !

Next one was about the time the Glock 17 came out, I never cared much for plastic guns (still dont) but I do recognise their quality and accuracy. Well, my friend owned a bar in Detroit, it was a pretty wild place, and we would occasionally ride our motorcycles into the bar, etc... just a lot of fun. When the band was playing, we would sometimes go down into the basement and shoot our guns, and my friend happened to be bragging about his new Glock, and wanted me to shoot it. So I remarked "at what" being as he had no target set up...... so he said "shoot that TV over there" pointing at a TV across the room........ I said "Ok, how about the UHF knob"? and took my shot.... hitting it dead center and exploding it to tiny bits, and handed it back to him after my one shot and said, Yep, its accurate". He said "Dont you want to shoot it some more"? I replied "Well, if I shoot the other knob, what will you have to shoot at"? So he blazed away..... never hitting it. When he was through I took out my .45 and took the other knob, one shot, and put my gun away.......smiled, and never said anything more about it.
Now, I was a pretty good shot back then, and practiced a lot, but luck was on my side that night, tho I never would admit it .......

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As a young man, I shot a snake that was underwater in our creek in Alabama right between the eyes. My mom had been hollering for me to get my gun and come quick. It was a Ruger New Model Single Six loaded with 22 Long Rifles. She said "Shoot that thing right between the eyes, son!" She does NOT like snakes and I shoot to please my mom!
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Worst shot was around 13 years old. Placed a penny in a small hole in a Mesquite tree. Sat down about ten feet away and shot it with my .22 Marlin. Hit the edge and it flew back and smacked me in the forehead.

End of my "Trick Shot" career.
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Old January 10th, 2016, 05:14 AM   #135
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12 or 13 yoa , I shot a Rabbit with Winchester 30-30 at 60 yds. Rabbit just laid over. Picked up the rabbit, whole right front shoulder and rib cage gone. Bullet burn path in the dirt for another 10 yds. Yeah, overkill...

Most unique weapon?
.454 Casull that a past boss used to do hand loads for... Ufda, that was a beast...

Favorite shot?
Ithaca .22 LR. Out tree-rat hunting and a crow is making too much noise for me a dozen trees away. All I can see is the crow's feet on the branch. Estimate where the head should be, squeezed the trigger. Shot went threw the side of the head, perfect center. No more noise from crow... No more squirrels out playing on branches either...
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