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What's the coolest shot you've ever made?

This is a discussion on What's the coolest shot you've ever made? within the Gun Stories forums, part of the Firearm Forum category; A while ago ( to say the least :cough: late 70s :cough: ), when I was 17 or 18 y.o., we were pheasant hunting behind ...

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Old July 30th, 2015, 09:42 AM   #91
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A while ago ( to say the least :cough: late 70s :cough: ), when I was 17 or 18 y.o., we were pheasant hunting behind 2 excellent Weimareiners and as we got into a tree-line, I yelled out that I had to pee. So, I parked my Winny 1200 against the nearest tree and commenced to drain my radiator.

Just as I was shaking off the last of it, one of the dogs flushed a cock-bird off to my right and as it flew right-to-left, I picked up my shotgun and downed it with 1 shot. Then I zipped up and went over to retrieve the bird from the dog that had it in it's mouth.

I took a little razzing about it but it is one of my most memorable shots.

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ExArmy11b will become famous soon enoughExArmy11b will become famous soon enough
Broke a clay on the 300 yard berm with a Swiss 1911 7.5 straight pull rifle, with iron sights, to show some guy who asked "if that thing's gonna blow up" that it will indeed not only not blow up but is insanely accurate.......AND I know how to shoot.

Some other cool shots........at my job I outshot all the "tacticool super-veteran Glock-tards" on qualification day with a S&W 65 revolver and a Rem 870 pump, earning the top score of the day with perfect on both weapons. Yes, I'm a veteran, and not against Glocks, but trying to illustrate my point......don't walk around bragging about how you're gonna outshoot everyone, wearing your tacti-cool shirt with some slogan on it about erasing people from the next zip code........and then get your clock cleaned on the range by the guy who kept his mouth shut because he's a master with a .38 revolver
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Back in the 80's we used to have a yearly sports expo at our local range. They had one of those 'split the ball' contests where you shoot at an axe head stuck in a log to break the clays on each side at 30 yards, 3 shots for a buck. A hit wins you a T-shirt. The rifle was a Lyman .45 cal black powder with iron sights. First shot I got a T-shirt...second shot I got a T-shirt for my buddy. I asked the guy if I make the 3rd shot, could I have the rifle?....he said no, so I promptly missed the 3rd shot. I guess the incentive was gone...
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msp3903 is a jewel in the roughmsp3903 is a jewel in the roughmsp3903 is a jewel in the roughmsp3903 is a jewel in the rough
When I was about 20, me and my dad were at a range with a bunch of guys who worked for the same company he did. They were out of town high rollers he was showing around the plant and they wanted to go shooting. They were all skeet shooters. Though me and my dad were both handy with a shotgun, neither of us had ever shot skeet. We were just more or less taking these guys shooting, not intending to do any ourselves. They had all brought their high dollar over/under "Trap" guns. Some of them were pretty good and damn proud of it and got to ragging us a little. My dad asked did I have my shotgun, I said yeah, it's in the trunk and went and got it. The "skeet" shooters all got a big laugh when I walked up with a 20ga Franchi featherweight with an improved cylinder barrel on it. They explained how it worked......the skeet shooting and to show them what I had. I missed the first two and they were snickering pretty good. Broke the next 18 in a row and they didn't say a word. Handed the Franchi to my dad and he broke 20 of 20. I was only "decent" with a shotgun and that was by far the best day I had ever had, or have since. My dad was ALWAYS that good.

Although I am not a shotgunner and never really have been...........I still have that Franchi. Probably hasn't had a round down the tube in 10 or 15 years years

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ExArmy11b will become famous soon enoughExArmy11b will become famous soon enough
Maybe another one, I was a Sgt. in the Army at a rifle range training at Ft. Drum, Private says the sights are off and his rifle is F'd up, I took it and hit the 300m pop up from a standing position with one round and gave him the rifle back.....it was at the pop-up range and they had set up all the pop-ups at the same time for a "familiarization"........it was an M4 with an ACOG on it, mind you, but I felt like a badazz lol

I may not have been "NCO of the year" I'll admit that but I could run and I could shoot
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When I was around 10 I had 1911 looking BB gun and was plinking in our back yard. Went to set my cans back up and noticed a fly sitting on a leaf. From about 5-6 ft. I raised my trusty sidearm to get rid of the vermin and..... Well cr@p, I missed. But the fly hadn't moved, reload move in closer for a second shot and I see a .177 sized hole where the fly's head had formerly been! Carefully removed the leaf and was going into house to show mom and maybe get picture, about half way the wind blew the fly off and my trophy was gone! Heartbroken. Wish I would have had an iPhone back then to snap a quick pick of my glorious, (well... EXTREMELY lucky), shot before removing the leaf!
Was pretty cool though.


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In the shop and noticed a yellow jacket on one of the rafters about ten yards away and nailed it with a pump BB gun rifle!
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I was still in high school. My brother and I each had S&W K-22's, and shot thousands of rounds through them at all kinds of targets. I was heading into the mountains to camp and passed by the camp of a young couple. They saw the revolver on my hip and asked if I was any good with it. I said "pretty good" and the guy asked if I could hit a tin can thrown into the air. I told him to toss it up. I drew a bead on it and waited until it stopped rising and was just starting to fall. I hit it, easy enough shot. He picked the can up and looked at the entry and exit hole and said " I bet you can't do it again". He threw it up again, I shot, and he picked up the can, and saw the one entry hole, and thought I had missed the second shot. I grabbed the can and turned it over, there were now 2 exit holes. My second shot had gone through the first entry hole and exited about 1/2" away from the first shot's exit hole !
My other 'coolest shot' was riding in a pickup on my friends dad's ranch in Texas. He wanted to check on his livestock, and as we were going along in the pickup, a jackrabbit took off on the right side on the truck and was going to cross the road in front of us about 50 yards out. His Dad was driving, my friend was sitting in the middle, and I was on the right. When I saw the jackrabbit, I stuck my handgun (Ruger Single Six) out the window, but I did not lean out to sight down it. By now the rabbit had crossed the road in front of us, and when I shot the bullet passed just a few inches over the hood. The jackrabbit rolled to a stop, dead. The gun had been held about 3 feet to my right, so no way was I able to aim.
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Don't know about y'all, but this is one of my favorite threads to read through. All great stories, I never get tired of them. Keep 'em coming.
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For me the coolest shot I've made (several times) is spinning the top off a 2 liter soda bottle from 25-50 yds.. When shooting you have to aim at the very right side outer edge of the screw on top to get it to quickly unscrew itself. When done right the tops usually sail 30-40 ft. in the air. I've also duplicated Michael Blackburns famous cast iron skillet shot although with only 1 skillet instead of 2(we only have 1 skillet). Shooting done with 22LR out of Savage rifle.
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Not a gun story, but... In traditional archery (no cables, no pullies, no sights, just wood and string) we sometimes compete in 3D shoots. Walk through the woods on a predetermined course and shoot at animal shaped foam targets. Most of the targets are just hidden well, but some are placed in awkward spots so that you have to have good technique in order to aim at them and some are placed on a zip line so that you have to hit them as they fly by you. On my very first 3D shoot -years ago, while I was still learning archery- I managed to bullseye all of the turkey targets on the first shot. All 4 got an arrow between the eyes. More impressive than that, I accidentally skipped an arrow of the ground to hit the first turkey and deflected the same arrow off of a tree to get the second turkey. (Unfortunately, the arrow didn't survive bouncing off of a tree.)
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About 40 years ago, bumblebee, in flight about 6 feet away. Took him out with an Armalite AR7, one shot.
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Last December I was shooting swinging bowling pins with my Dad. We had an assortment of guns and slowly chipped away at them with .22s up to a 454. The last one finally got whittle down to just the head of the pin swinging on a rope, probably about 2-3" wide if I had to guess. I picked up my 5.5" Vaquero and my Dad gave me a look implying I wasn't going to hit it. I waited until it was mostly still and blew it clean off the rope at around 25 yards. That was pretty cool.
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105 yards (measured after the fact) headshot on a woodchuck. Ruger 6.5" OM BH Keith bullet, 2400 powder(can't remember the load) and two handed stand up hold. I'll never forget that shot and never will duplicate it either!
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Awards Showcase

Me and a friend were shooting rifles at an 8" steel plate at 100 yards. After we were done and were about to go retrieve the steel plate, I decided to pull out my Glock 19 and take a shot at it for fun. I shot one round and it hit about an inch off center. I re-holstered my gun and looked at my friend with that look that says "my work is done here" . We both knew it was a lucky shot but needless to say, I felt pretty darn good.
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