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What's the coolest shot you've ever made?

This is a discussion on What's the coolest shot you've ever made? within the Gun Stories forums, part of the Firearm Forum category; A penny taped to a board at 100 yards with my LR 308, 1 shot. A soft ball at 200 yards hanging from a string ...

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"The Real Deal"
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A penny taped to a board at 100 yards with my LR 308, 1 shot. A soft ball at 200 yards hanging from a string with a mosin nagant 91/30 with russinan 174 grain steel case ammo, open sights 2 shots. But the most pleasing was my 10/22 sighted for 50 yards, and shooting at empty shotgun shells at 100 yards on top of the target stand, 5 for 5. I was using cci green tag match 40 grain ammo. I have also shot a 10" steel plate at 100 yards off hand with my 4"gp 100, nothing but irons, but could only muster 5 out of 10. Those are the highlights for me.

I have a friend that can shoot skeet thrown from his hand with a 1911, I wish I could do that.

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I was a kid, we were in Oklahoma at an air force base and we invited to go prairie dog hunting on the FT. Sill reservation. I was about 10 and a friend of my dad had a really top end 22-250 (don't remember the brand, with a huge scope on it) we were on a hill and the doggie had been sitting for a fairly decent amount of time, so I was allowed to make the shot. I got a head shot (over the hood of an IH scout)which later proved to be 430 adult paces away. That is my best shot ever. mustve been as it was 55 years ago and I remember it like yesterday.
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Three hunting stories all from the mid 1970's:

1. Dove hunting;
Shot a dove headed straight for me. Hit it. It fell toward me and I caught it in my hand.

2. Deer hunting;
With .270 bolt action with 2.5x7 power scope set on 4 power. I was setting up high on a big brush pile on the side of a mountain in deep rough canyon area of Tx hill country watching the far canyon wall for deer and expecting a 350 yard shot across the canyon. Noises close to my right, and out trots a whole flock (about twenty) of turkey 15 yards away. Rancher had told us there were not any turkey on the place (1200 acres) that he knew of. I spun around quick and put the lead tom in my cross hairs and boom! Hit him in one drumstick. Had a nice 18 pound turkey for Christmas that year minus one drumstick.

3. One year later. Same .270 rifle. Same ranch. Standing shot (braced against a limb) on a javalina walking fast at 375 yards. Dropped it with one shot. Got over to it after 30 minutes of climbing down and back up across a rough canyon and it was where I had shot it but it was still alive. Bullet had severed the spinal cord in middle of it's back. Hind legs were paralized but it was churning it's front legs like crazy and popping its teeth like a machine gun trying to get to me. Dispatched it and had it mounted. Still have it on a wall. I was 13 at the time.
NOTE: The 270 described above was a custom made for me by my Papa as a Christmas present when I was 12. It is a Shilen barrel with Santa Barbara Mauser action. He used a blank walnut stock and did all the stock work and checkering. Also all the fitting of the action to the stock. It is scoped with an old Weaver Widefield 2.5 to 7 power scope. It is my prize possession being that it was made by my Papa. I still exclusively shoot handloads in it that he and I made up in 1974. I have enough left that I will not run out of rounds for it in my lifetime. He passed away in 1986.

I'll add my first hunting story.
I was five (yes five). Was with my Papa on a construction job site in Sherman TX. It was the original Texas Instruments plant being built and was out in the boonies at the time. Snow on the ground. He took me out in a field with a 22 rifle and we watched for rabbits. Had a Montgomery Wards Western Field lever action 22 with a small scope on it (I still have that rifle). I shot my first rabbit with one shot at 20 feet. Later that night I ate my first rabbit.

Later that year when I was about 10 days from turning six years old I shot my first deer ( a large yearling) at 40 yards with a Remington model 760 pump .270 with mild handloads that Papa made up for me. One round. Perfect shot. I remember that day like it was yesterday. That was in 1966.

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Favorite shot was in 1974 with an ADL 700 6mm Remington and Lyman Alaskan fixed 4X in Weaver bases and rings.

I shot a coyote while atop a barn roof across one field and into another field at a range of 260 yards. The yote was anchored and it was then I realized I had shot 60 yards further than the 200 yards I was estimating.

Load was Sierra 75 JHP at 3605 fps (measured at the muzzle with chronograph) with 48 gr of IMR 4350 (back in the 70s remember--I think IMR 4350 has changed composition since then) CCI Large Rifle primer, and resized Remington 6mm fired cases from the rifle.

There were four exit holes on the other side of the yote and the entry area looked like a laser had boiled around the entry wound in the rib cage into the critical area.
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Turkey shoot, Pearland TX, fall of 64. Cut the string that a ham was swinging on with a .22 revolver, which seemed to get some attention. Everybody else had rifles, but hadn't planned on going to a Turkey shoot, so had no rifle. The shot cost a quarter. Was 18 at the time. Never done THAT again....had to have been dumb luck but I'm sure I didn't think so at the time.
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Great stories everybody! It takes me a while sometimes but so far I've eventually gotten around to reading them all. I hope y'all enjoy writing them as much as I enjoy reading them. As always, keep 'em coming.

Hey Opos, my dad's got one of those old sportsterized Eddystones that he's deer hunted with for years. I can honestly tell you no deer he's ever shot with it has taken so much as another step - and there's been a few. Weighs a ton but is one fine rifle.
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Hanging 60mm mortar rounds in astan. Those were the days

I saw my best friends dad take a pheasant flying about 200' above him, I never would have even shot at it......
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.22 vs .25


.250" Cold rolled steel
.22-250 @3900 fps

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.22 vs. .50

The .50 won, but barely.

.50" cold rolled steel
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I was at a prairie dog town with my Dad who had been a pistol instructor with the Army in the early part of WW2. I thought I was getting pretty good with a pistol and took a shot with my Single Six at about 100 yards. The dog did two spectacular flips and dropped dead. Dad said it was the luckiest shot he had ever seen and it really pissed me off that he would say that since I had been hitting them pretty regularly at 50 - 75 yards for a couple years.

Several years later I was out with my Garand and told Dad to spot me on a white sandstone rock that was about 200 yards. I put 3 shots into it and will always remember him saying that I must have been practicing since that was some of the best shooting he had seen. That was probably the best compliment that I ever had from my Dad but I guess he was getting soft in his old age.
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Well it was back in 1995, I was putting re-bar in my footing of my house I was Building. Hot and tired I decided to take a break and sit back on the edge of the footing when I noticed a shadow moving on the ground. I looked up and it was a Buzzard. I watched him for a few minutes flying very low and could not see anything he would be interested in.
I then decided it was time to go back to work..but not before I run off that low flying meat eater. I go to my truck which was only a few feet away and grab my pistol that went everywhere I went. It was a Caspian 10 mm. I don't remember if I even aimed but I fired off a round and damn! He tucked his wings and went into a dive that looked like a Paragon Falcon about to hit a dove in mid air.
Crash, bang boom as he came tumbling through the tree's and hit with a thud. My jaw dropped as I looked around as I stand in the middle of 1500 acres as if someone was watching.
The first thing that went through my mind was..."aint nobody going to believe this."
Second thing was..."I can't believe I did this, now I got to go get him before the wife gets here with the dog."
I went to find him where I knew he had to have landed but he was not there. I looked around some more when I heard the ruffling of leaves and sure enough it was him. He had just hopped up on an old stump. I figured I had to put him down so he would not suffer so I fired another round and missed. Fired again and missed once more. Then he gives out a scary sound, turns and hops off the stump headed away from me. He looked pretty healthy after coming through all the branch's like he did so I figured he deserved to carry on. I let him go and went back to work.
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Mine was with my buddy's (I ended up owning it for a short period of time later) Browning .22-250. I used to be a pretty good shot and he challenged me to shooting 3 12 gauge shotshells that he placed on a stump about 1 inch apart and 100 yards away. I cranked the scope power way up but it was way to jittery so I backed it off to 5 power. I was able to take the shot from a seated position and I hit the middle shotshell in the primer (right where I was aiming) which set off the middle shotshell which in turn fired the two other shotshells.

I **** you not! This isn't what we were expecting. I shredded the jacket on the shotshell I hit but the two shotshells that "ignited" on each side of it looked like any another spent shotshell except for the lack of dent in the primers.
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Hanging out at my two buddies' house (brothers), when their married cousin Butch and his wife came over. Butch was showing off his brand new 7mm mag, so we went out to watch him demonstrate the accuracy of this cannon. Butch shot at a corn stalk about 75 yards away. Missed. We ragged on him until he challenged us weaklings to try it. Everyone missed. Handed the gun to me, smug look on his face. I clipped the stalk at ground level. Butch was mad. Picked out a greenbrier vine about 30 yards out. Same deal. I clipped it off about an inch from the ground. He snatched up the gun and stormed into the house where the women, including his very attractive wife, were talking. We followed. Just as he cased the gun I commented on what a nice rifle he had. "Real accurate, Butch". He threw it into the trunk of his car and refused to talk to any of us.
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Nothing spectacular - but it was fun.

A buddy from work had invited us out to shoot at his place. Myself, my brother and another guy we work with all head out and spend the day burning powder and laughing at each other. Finally getting towards the end of the day we back up to shoot the long guns, my 7mmMag and the hosts .308, at about 225yds. We get done with them and he - having loaded rounds left for it that he refuses to take home, I guess - decides he's going to shoot his 10" AR SBR in 300 Black-Out at this 10" steel target 225yds away with a 1x red-dot sighted in at about 50yds. I get on my scope to watch and he commences to firing. Not surprisingly, he's not even close. But, interestingly, I can see his bullet being lobbed through the air like a tennis ball - looked about that fast too. I start calling out corrections and pretty soon, he hits the target.

After that he missed a few but hit more than I'd have bet on. He hands the rifle to me and says try it! Okay! I ask about what type of hold-over he was using and he tells me, something like six-feet. I get down, take aim and start squeezing the trigger. Boom, gun goes off, half a second later I hear a cheerful "tink" from down range. I hit on my first shot. Couldn't believe it. Afterwards I missed a few, then got back on and hit four or five in row. With that, I figured I'd better end it on good note.

Like I said, nothing earth shattering but it was fun. It was really cool watching those big slow rounds fly also. You could actually call the hits & misses before the round hit (or missed) the target.

Like I've said before guys, I enjoy reading them, so keep 'em coming.

Y'all take care,
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Walking back to truck with a buddy after a morning hunt. He saw a squirrel at the top of a 30 foot tree about 400 feet away and shot at it and missed. I aimed at it and raised the Ruger 10/22 another inch and shot. The squirrel fell out of the tree. We walked up to get it and I had hit it right between the eyes. He said "look where you hit it"! I nonchalantly said that I did not want to waste any meat. I got a reputation has a great marksman after that.
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