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What's the coolest shot you've ever made?

This is a discussion on What's the coolest shot you've ever made? within the Gun Stories forums, part of the Firearm Forum category; 150 yards with a Sheridan Pellet Rifle. Bet I could hit a dumpster that far away. I hiked that baby so far up I thought ...

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Old May 17th, 2014, 03:20 PM   #61
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daleeman is a jewel in the roughdaleeman is a jewel in the roughdaleeman is a jewel in the roughdaleeman is a jewel in the rough
150 yards with a Sheridan Pellet Rifle. Bet I could hit a dumpster that far away. I hiked that baby so far up I thought I would take out some birds when I shot. We were on a family reuinion and everyone watching from the cabin porch. I hit it and you could clearly hear it hit the dumpster. DWANG !!!

Everyone else tried but no one else hit the dumpster and the end of the lane that night. I was smart enough to not try again, why tempt perfection.

I really felt like I was big **** when it hit. Not a small target, but hay a 45 year old pellet riffle did the trick.

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Hmm not a shot I should have taken, not a shot I would take today
not unsafe but not too safe either

We were in Nevada had been hunting for a week, didn't draw deer tags so we just took ten days and went for small game and birds.
I don't care for Rabbit but my Father will eat it three times a day if you can
put enough in the freezer. I am a pretty decent shot at the Birds: Jumping ducks, shooting Chuckar and Hungarian Partridge I am OK
but I stink up the place against Rabbits (I have in fact missed shots at them Sitting still with a shotgun)
so I blasted three shots at a Rabbit missed all three only to have my father drop it. I stopped to reload. get the first shell in, get the second shell in
and with my Father on my right and no one on the left, up jumped a cottontail
from my left kind of behind me. I shoot a 30 inch Browning 12 Gauge
with the gun in my right hand I laid the barrel over my left shoulder point the silly thing in the general direction of the bunny. pull the trigger. (yep point the shotgun behind me) My Dad GOES OFF. " you know better than that that was a wasted shell... ETC" and I earned that one I mean I was .... 32? 35? too damned old for that. then I walked over to where I shot.. yep top of it's head is gone.. shot at about 15 yards.. I picked it up; my Dad stopped yelling at me but was mad the rest of the day. still and all a lucky shot. with questionable safety one handing a shotgun over your shoulder isn't too bright.
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Fun stories all. My next-to-luckiest shot happened walking through a friend's alfalfa field to his shooting range. At that time my everyday carry was a .45 Cimmaron Thunderer in an El Paso Cross-draw holster. As we walked we kept putting up these huge thumb-sized grasshoppers that were gorging on his alfalfa. As one took off he said, "Betcha can't hit 'BANG' (puff of green mist)... that." I had already thought of taking a pop at one, and when he started his statement I pulled the Thunder, thumbed the hammer and took a snap shot. Nothing but a cloud of mist. Totally shocked me! We walked on in silence until another grasshopper went up. "Betcha can't do it 'BANG' (another cloud of green mist)... again." THAT was my luckiest shot. While pulling the two empties, dunking fresh rounds in and reholstering the gun, I put on my best John Wayne voice and told my astonished friend, "Well, pilgrim, I think that there's been enough killing for one day."

If not for my friend reminding me on occasion, I would have believed I dreamed it.
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1968, US COAST GUARD, WLB 290, CGC GENTIAN, 180 buoy tender.
All the way from Galveston, Texas to Charleston Naval station in
the Carolinas for Naval "E" evaluation.
As a seaman held up from taking the petty officer service wide test,
I was upset. Even More so when the First Class 'boats"s pet got first try to
Ventilate a floating 50 gallon yellow painted drum with the M1919A1
.30 caliber Browning Machine gun.
This "worthy" blew through a whole can of .30-06. Hit nothing, maybe the water.
The "new" CPO Bos'n had me as second.
As the ship pulled a 360 degree turn to line back up on target, I set to reload
and then to USE THE DAMN SIGHTS.
With a cup of gasoline in the drifting drum, now further out in a pitching sea,
I hit it with only 10 or so rounds fired.
{let us not worry about every 5th round a tracer, my pocket was full of standard
rounds from my adjustments. The first 6 or 8 rounds were all tracer!]
Took the next service wide PO test and passed.
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along the X

This is not that great, but was fun.

My wife and I were at the range recently. Mostly me coaching her.

At the end, she says, 'you shoot some.'

I am ready to load a final five loads and be done with the SR9c and P95 for the day.

I say, 'what do you want me to hit on that target.' The target has a bunch of symbols - circles, squares, triangles, and Xs. It is out a little farther than 10 yards.

She says, 'that "X" on the right." It is about 5 inches tall.

I prefer a circle, but I will try the X. If you are at the correct altitude, but wide, you are nowhere near the ink, so it looks bad. If you are that wide on a circle, it looks like you are in the 5" wide circle.

But, I asked and she answered.

The first shot was on the X, on the lower left. The next was on the lower right. With two of five on the X, I was inspired to show off.

I walked the final 3 up that lower-right to upper-left line of the X, in a row. All on the ink, which was maybe a half inch wide.

Ten yards is not too far, but I am not good enough to write an X like that.

But I am not tellin' her that.
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Best shot: Shooting rimfire silhouettes (chicken, pig, etc. with .22's) We had finished a rifle match and the next one would be pistols. The un-hit rifle targets were still up and some shooters were knocking them down for practice. A guy arriving for the pistol match walked up to a 100-yard shooting stand to unpack and was commenting on how he didn't see how anybody could hit those targets even with a rifle. (The 100-yard target is a ram. It's about the size of a dollar bill with legs and a head.)

I said something like "Ain't so tough if you know what you're doing" and knocked down a ram with one shot from my iron-sights Ruger MKIII pistol. 100 yards. He was impressed. I spoiled it by trying to do it again and missed of course. Should have smiled and walked away.
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I was a city boy visiting my Kansas farm relatives. My cousin and I (about 14 years old) were driving down a dirt road in the middle of wheat fields and he spots a pheasant sitting on a fence post about 100 yards up the road. He grabs a shotgun and says he will sneak up in the bird and for me to wait by the truck and when he waves, for me to shoot the 22 rifle at the bird to scare it into flight. He waves, I shoot and hit the bird in the head. My cousin was pissed.
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I shot a clay pigeon at 100 yards offhand with my mosin. Open sights and still sighted for the bayonet attached. A few inches of Kentucky windage and one shot

As for coolest gun I think it's also my mosin, there's just so much history in it!
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This seems as good a place as any for my first post here.

When I was a kid my dad had this squirrel living in the tree outside his bedroom window next to the garden. He was a noisy little bugger that chirped all day, so loud you could hear him anywhere in the house with the windows open. My dad loved this squirrel for some reason. I think you can probably see where this is going.

Anyway he was chirping away one morning incessantly. So I got the idea to scare him away with my .22 bolt action rifle. By just taking a few shots in his general direction. So I walked out on the deck and fired a shot over his head and off into the creek bank. This of course was a rural area with no one around for miles.

He didn't seem fazed at all, and kept up his serenade. So I decided to fire 5 shots and make a whole bunch of noise. So shooting from the waist, I fired 5 shots as fast as one could shoot them with a bolt action magazine fed .22. And on the 5th and final round I hit him. Killed him dead and knocked him right out of the tree. I couldn't believe it.

Needless to say, Dad wasn't good about it when he learned the fate of his neighbour.
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I was probably 10 or 11 years old. One of the neighborhood "big kids" had a BB gun (rifle). I desperately wanted to shoot it, but he wouldn't let me. So I decided to challenge him. I suggested he take a shot at the vertical mast of a TV aerial probably 50 to 60 feet away. As expected, he missed. I suggested I could hit the aerial holding the rifle with one hand. Apparently to deflect his embarrassment, he handed me the rifle and said, "go ahead - one hand". So I took the shot and got a very audible and resounding "ping". Of course, that was met with, "lucky shot! You could never do it twice." So I took aim again, one handed, and got a second, distinct "ping". He grabbed his rifle and silently stormed off. Luckiest 2 shots I have ever taken!
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I was Elk hunting in my native Idaho in the late 90's , last day of Elk season for us as we had to go home that day, early morning just after daybreak, walking up the hill from the truck about 200 yards got to the top of the small hill and 5 cow Elk break out of the trees on the next ridge over going south down the hill on the run , I raised my 30.06 picked out the third one from the end and fired one shot @about 150 yards give or take, I looked up and saw it flinch and stumble and I said to my my friend as missed did you see that, he said yeah. We walked over down the hill and there was the cow Elk dead as a door nail, we gutted and got it ready to move, it took both of with rope and we pulled it down to the road which at that point was only about 100 yards from where it dropped, he went and got the truck , he backed it up to the the hill with the tailgate down we loaded it up and then we went home, easiest Elk I ever got and the best shot as well.

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75 yard shot with a Mosin Nagant into Tannerite was pretty cool.

First shot of the day with my SR1911 at about 15 feet being dead center was pretty cool. not just a bullseye but almost perfectly centered in the green dot in the center of the target - and the .45 hole nearly filled the dot. (I posted about that shot previously but I think I put yard instead of feet - I keep forgetting that the labels on the floor at the indoor range are not yards).
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The other day i tossed a can and hit it in the air with my 1851 44 bp! Just lucky, most times i cant hit much with it
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About a million years ago (about 1956) I had a bone stock Eddystone Enfield 30-06 that would later be converted to a sporter that I used for many years..my buddy said he wanted to go antelope hunting (in Northern Colorado where I was going to school)...I'd not hunted antelope before..had hunted deer a number of times and the old Enfield worked fine...antelope was a whole different thing...but...we came over a rise and spooked a herd of speed goats and off they went...I threw down on one with that club of a gun and made a near perfect shot at about 100 yards at a full speed goat, and down he went..stone dead...surprised me so much I laughed for a long time after that...talk about lucky and an instinct shot and a damn good thing there was nothing behind him..that was the biggest antelope I ever shot..meat was a little gamey as he was in full flight when he went butt over tea kettle.
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My father bought me a BB gun that looked like an M16 when I was 10 years old. I carried it around my grandparents' house in the country every weekend for about a year, then my grandfather died and my grandmother sold her house and moved into a condo in the city. My gun went into the closet and stayed there until one day when I was 13. My friends were over and we decided to draw pictures and shoot them with BB's in the back yard. One of the pictures was a really small picture of a funny looking guy. It represented one of our teachers. Unfortunately, my back yard was small and the BB's would ricochet back at us, so my dad piled us into his truck and he took us out into some open space in the county. The small, funny picture was unscathed when we left. When we got to our location by the river, I was determined to hit that picture. I did and was the only one to hit it that day. That's probably my best shot so far.
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