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What's the coolest shot you've ever made?

This is a discussion on What's the coolest shot you've ever made? within the Gun Stories forums, part of the Firearm Forum category; Me and a buddy were shooting skeet and he was shooting the flying targets with his .22. ( we were throwing them low and into ...

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Old March 9th, 2017, 02:49 PM   #151
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Me and a buddy were shooting skeet and he was shooting the flying targets with his .22. ( we were throwing them low and into a hill) I got jealous and pulled out my wife's 38 snub revolver to try to one up him. "Pull". First shot hit with the revolver. Never tried again and definitely chalked it up to luck. Cool shot though.

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bwinters is a name known to allbwinters is a name known to allbwinters is a name known to allbwinters is a name known to allbwinters is a name known to allbwinters is a name known to all
I was visiting a friend in the mid 1980s and he was shooting metallic silhouette and I had my remington 7600 pump in 30-06 with iron sights along. When the match was done 2 rams at 500 yards were still in place. no one was down range and I asked permission to take a few shots. I hit the first ram n the 3rd shot and hot the second one on the second shot. It was pure luck. I did not have the ability to hit iron sighted at 1/3 of a mile.
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Picked up a discarded 7.62 x 39 case at the range and set it on the target frame with the open mouth facing the bench 30 yards away. Put my scoped 10-22 on the rest and fired a bullet through the mouth of the case and punched a 22 caliber sized primer hole out the back. The 10-22 is one I've done a lot of work on and with bullets it likes it will shoot one hole groups at 30 yards.
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The very first shot I fired at around eight years of age- Dad's Iver Johnson .22- shot from the aft deck of a yacht.Between the giant cylinder gap and the vessel's aft deck overhead roof the Report was significant.I will never forget the geysers,shots hitting water- a scene I am still attracted to.

First deer: Bullet traveled from between bottom jaw up to top of skull- shot taken as deer had head down to ground,shot placed from rear quarter,between front legs.....

Squirrel hunt with Single Six 22 mag- "Barked"; squirrel on top of limb,shoot limb below.

Everglades hog hunt; 'sounder' emerges from a cypress head at near dusk,moving in long line,quickly,big blue & red leads the pack......I instinctively drop to sitting position,good view,30/30 Winchester Trapper/ 2X scope. Down.

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Originally Posted by Riflmn12 View Post
Feel free to tell more than one story and I'll open it up to the coolest weapons and targets you've shot as well. If you want to go there, what's the worst shot you've made?

For me, when I was 16 or 17, I took a 1-inch diameter cardboard tube and taped up one end. Set it out at 50yds and with only one shot, I shot through the tube, never touched the side walls, and out the tape on the back. Used a scoped Ruger 10/22. First Ruger I ever owned.

For coolest weapon, everybody needs to get behind a .50BMG sniper rifle at least once in their life. They are unreal.

As for targets, pumpkins filled with water explode with high power rounds. Tannerite is a lot of fun too. Put the two together and now you've got a party.
two shots: 1. I was 11 years old, a friend of my dad took us to Ft. Sill for Prairie Dog shooting at long range. He had some custom rile in 22/250, It had a big scope on it. I took my best shot at 400 grown up paces and caught the critter right in the chest. My dad was so proud I thought he'd pop. 2. Last April, my son in law and I went to Klamath Falls to shoot ground squirrels (called squeakers there). Best shot of the day for me (I am shooting an Xt17 Marlin) was measured at 197 yards, I was aiming center mass and caught him at the neck which decapitated him. End of a perfect day. yep those two were my best.
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Not the shot, but the ejection.

Went to the range one day after work. So I'm wearing a dress shirt with a pocket, and a baseball cap. My G26 periodically flings a casing up and straight back. That day it landed on top the baseball cap, rolled down the front, across the bill, and dropped straight into my pocket.
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Literally growing up at what use to be the largest gun club in Colorado I have shot way too many cool guns to even try to list one? Coolest shot was at a friends ranch where he has targets from 50 to 1200 yds. Well someone was giving me the business because most of what I brought were wheel guns from 32 H&R mag to my .475 Linebaughs. I took aim on the 500yrd 15" square plate and put 3 of 5 shots on the plate! Shut him right up! Was a proud day!
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Coolest shot I ever made was a 1 shot kill on a South Dakota Mule deer at 600 yards. Coolest shot I ever saw was my sons first Whitetail on the ground at 12 yards when he was 8 years old with his 20 gauge Remington 870 youth shotgun given to him by my dad when he was 5.
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1961 , I was sitting on my Aunts front porch with an old Red Ryder type Daisy BB gun. This was out in the country, you spent the days barefooted , toting you BB gun through the woods , around ponds and were free to explore the creek bottoms all you had to do was show up around supper time.
I was sitting there , the house sat back on the property and at the road was the power lines and crawling along one of the lines I spotted a green lizard....I could just barely make him out, I told my cousin , Jerry , look at the Lizard on that wire and of course Jerry says I betcha you cant hit him , I betcha my stack of Super Man comic books !
Now personally I didn't think there was any chance an old BB gun with no back sight would be able to hit that tiny target, the lizard was only 1/4 inch thick and he must have been at least 100 feet away and as high up as power lines are strung. But I got a real determined look on my face , lined him up as best I could and used some Kentucky windage , and squeezed one off.
I swear you could SEE that BB slowly flying through the air and hit the lizard . It went in one side and out the other....the lizard held on a few seconds , rolled off the wire and dropped to the ground dead ! But I didn't act surprised at all, acted like I made shots like that every day!
After that my cousins all thought I was the best shot in the state of Louisiana , and that admiration was better than any stack of comic books, which I still remind him to this day that those comics are mine .
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When I was about 10 years old I was at my grandfather's farm and there was a watering hole with really muddy water in it. I saw the top of a fish out in the middle and aimed my .22 rifle at it and shot and it disappeared. I knew I hit it but my family argued with me, so low and behold the next day the fish was floating with a hole in it's back. Boy I was a proud little bugger then.
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Some friends and I were driving around a ranch. Noticed a group of turkeys running in single file at about 100 yards. We all spilled out of the Jeep. I dropped into a kneeling position, aimed the .270, and dropped the last turkey with a neck shot. It was a combination of young eyes, rough form, and dumb luck. Good thing I hit him because I would have missed the next nine that I tried that on.
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A couple of years ago I looked out the living room window and saw that a fox had cornered one of my cats in a small barn. I had noticed that fox snooping around my shop area which is near the house a few days earlier and thought that was pretty peculiar behavior. So I pulled out my Marlin 883SS in .22WMR, opened the window and wedged the screen out of the way...poked the barrel out of the corner of the window. Looking through the scope and through the screen I laid the crosshairs on his head and squeezed one off. I nailed him right in the heart. I walked the distance off afterward and it was just north of 175 yards. That rifle is a pretty flat shooter

I also shot a rabid skunk with that same rifle from about 30 yards right thru the spine. Someone had told me if you hit them in the spine they can't raise their tails and spray. They were right....after I shot it I walked up to it and it was still alive but paralyzed. I finished it off with one thru the head and there was no odor until I shoveled him into my loader bucket for transport.

So those are my two favorite shots.
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My latest one that I pat myself on the back for happened just a few months ago. I had left the house to go into work and driving down the driveway i saw the little creature responsible for digging holes all through my yard. I didn't have my normal armadillo artillery with me, a 410 shotgun, so I used my EDC a Springfield Armory XD-S 9 millimeter. When I exited my truck the little bugger took off in a full Sprint heading for the cover of his burrow when I quickly Drew and fired one shot right in the head at about 15 yards. That was when I knew all my practice had paid off

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Would never tell this one if I didn't have a witness. Was running a new to me OM Ruger 41 mag through its paces. I was shooting some 170 grain Sierra bullets with a healthy dose of H110 powder. My brother by another mother has a metal T post in his lake that is 400 yards from his bench and is a target he hits often with scoped rifles. He told me to try it with the 41. We had a 15mph cross wind that day so I aimed quite a bit to the right and hit the T post. Total luck!! Tried it again and hit the water about 6" from the post.

Shooting 22 revolvers with my brother (by the same mother), my Dad, and my brother's buddy. Had a good day shooting with my Dad as he as never a handgunner but we had given him a a .22 revolver that he really loved. He was leaving and called to me with an empty beer bottle he had found in his hand, signalling he was going to throw it. He tossed it in the air and I drew and fired, breaking the bottle. My Dad yelled with excitement as he got in his pick up to leave. Brother's buddy told me it was total luck and I could never do it again. I of course said I could, but there were no more bottles. He searched and found one...tossed it, and I did it again. He just cussed a bit and that was that.

Worst shot....no question there. Missed a doe one time with a scoped 30-06 at 30 yards.

Or maybe it was the nice buck I missed with a 454 about five yards from the base of the treestand I was in...

Or maybe.......

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I was ground hog hunting with 3 other guys. One had a Ruger 77V in 220 Swift, another a Weatherby Mark V in 257 Weatherby, and the 3rd had a Remington 40X in 244 Remington with a 20X Unertl. I was really into handguns then and only had my S&W model 53 6" in 22 Remington Jet.

We had been to quite a few locations looking for the little buggers, and the rifle guys had shot at more than a few of them without hitting one. The ranges were out to 300 yds or so. They wouldn't let me shoot ant any unless it was inside 50 yds, and of course there weren't any that close, yet.

We drive to another field, and there is a hog sitting on a mound about 75 yds distant. I get out of the car and shot him standing offhand with one hand. OK, WE (the 4 of us) finally connected on a ground hog. A few more misses by the 40X and it was time to head for lunch.

On the way back, I spotted a hog up in a field along the road. Driver stopped the car, they all piled out. I got out and got in the prone position, elevated the front sight about half way up in the rear notch, and fired. The other guys were just getting lined up on him with their scopes, and saw the bullet impact the little bugger. He flopped around a couple times and we lost sight of him in the grass.

As I had to see where I hit him, I walked up to him, picked him up and "showed" the guys back at the field edge. It was well over 400 yds!

No one said a word after getting back in the car, and it was silence all the way to lunch. At lunch talk turned to other things, not hunting related, and it was determined that "we" were done hunting for the day.

The next day at lunch during work, a guy comes up to me and calls me Elmer Keith. He had heard about the shot I made the day before from one of the guys I was with. It was talked about for many years after that.

A couple of weeks later hunting ghogs with the same guys, I shot 2 of the hogs with my 6 1/2" S&W 29 44 mag. One at 75 yds that was video taped, and another at 200 yds. Both of those were shot standing offhand one handed. Had the 29 sighted in for 100 yds, so elevating the front site up the ramp a bit did the job at 200.

The one on video was really neat. I couldn't see the hit due to recoil, but the video showed it plainly. At impact the ghog was picked up and a red spray appeared as he was 'thrown" back quite a few yards.
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