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This is a discussion on Cross dominant shooting within the Gun Stories forums, part of the Firearm Forum category; My wife is left handed, but right eye dominant. She does the thing with tilting her head and aiming with the right eye. Ever since ...

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Old March 20th, 2013, 04:59 PM   #31
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My wife is left handed, but right eye dominant. She does the thing with tilting her head and aiming with the right eye. Ever since she figured out she was right eye dominant, she's done fine. She got 50 out of 50 on her concealed weapons class shooting test, so i guess it works for her!

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Originally Posted by tshark View Post
I am right handed but left eye dominant. Years ago while in the military a very "patient" and "understanding" DI told me, "Your left-handed from now on. If I see you doing anything with your right hand, you'll lose it." LOL, it worked. I can shoot left-handed pretty well to this day.

I am curios to see what other cross dominant shooters do (for handguns). Do you switch to your non-dominant hand? Or use your dominant hand and move your head or handgun to line up the sights with your dominant eye? Me personally, I am comfortable using my left hand. Interested to see what others have done. (I am not looking for advice, I just think this would be an interesting topic for a new shooters to read if they come across it.) Thanks for your time, Frank.
I don't think it makes a difference with a pistol, either hand, either eye. Bring the gun up with both eyes open, then see which one lined up the sights....Hey, get a laser, then you shoot from the hip with both eyes open...

But the shotgun is a big problem for me, very right-handed and better left eye vision. I've always put a small piece of tape on the left lens to block the end of the shotgun, it works great...you need both eyes open for skeet.

Then an amazing thing happened: the Lyman Uni-Dot shotgun sight, a true miracle for cross-dominate shooters. You only see the glowing red (or green) dot when youy're lined up, very sweet...
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I'm left handed but right eye dominant usually I just move my head over to use the dominant eye but occasionally I will switch and shoot right handed. But because I had surgery for arthritis on my right wrist I limited on which pistols I can use right handed as my right hand doesent like recoil all that much anymore!!
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I am right handed and left eye dominant. I tried to shot every way that anyone's ever advised me. But I still go back to and shoot better as a right hander. With a rifle I shoot with my left eye closed and only with iron sights and do quite well. With a handgun I'll close my right eye if aiming but for point shooting I keep both eyes open.
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Talking You Think Your Messed Up?

Left handed, left eye dominant but somehow ended up shooting both short & long guns right handed from the very start.

Works pretty well with a handgun, I just shift my head over and plant the lower side of my chin into my right shoulder and use my left eye, but I have to use my right eye for shotgun & rifle and that %^*$ left eye tries to take over every time.

So today I arranged my rear scope cap on my AR so that its lid was blocking the view of my left eye in an attempt to keep both eyes open, and it turns out that my left eye also has x-ray vison or something.

I have to close it to shoot long guns period.

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Shooting with both eyes open is best, because you get full depth of field and target details are twice as sharp.

The problem with this is cycloduction -- if you tilt your head while shooting. I'm cross-mastered (right-handed, left-eyed), which makes the problem worse. Shooting a pistol, I can get my right eye directly behind the sights, and keep my head straight up, and things work fine.

Tilt your head, like over a gunstock, and cycloduction gets bad. The sight pictures of your two eyes don't combine together like they should, and you're not seeing in 3D anymore. I have a better explanation of this on my site, along with a solution that works for me. ?First Ruger 10/22 project | bestruger1022

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I got pretty lucky in that I have no eye dominance according to my doctor, I think he called it ambiocular or something. I can focus with either my left or right eye, so I am able to shoot left or right handed fairly easily.

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When I was in the Corps a good friend of mine was right handed and left eye dominate. He was a team shooter. He would cant his pistol to the left and use his left eye. No problem for him but you had to apply Kentucky windage every time you used one of his pistols.
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