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This is a discussion on Ruger vs. Colt revolvers within the Gun Stories forums, part of the Firearm Forum category; I have ten Colt revolvers, four Ruger revolvers, one S&W revolver, and one Taurus Judge. If I carry a revolver for urban self-defense it is ...

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I have ten Colt revolvers, four Ruger revolvers, one S&W revolver, and one Taurus Judge. If I carry a revolver for urban self-defense it is a 4" Colt Python .357 magnum. If I carry a revolver for woods self-defense, it is a 4" S&W 29-2 .44 magnum. If I am hunting with a revolver, it is a 10 1/2" Ruger Super Blackhawk .44 magnum or a 7 1/2" Ruger Super Redhawk .454 Casull. My barbeque carry gun is one of my Colt SAA revolvers. My nightstand revolver is the Taurus Judge with a Crimson Trace laser. It is loaded with five three inch Winchester Personal Defense .410 shotgun shells. They all have their places.

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One more gun
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Having tested trigger pull between my Ruger GP100 (with a well-aged trigger and lighter spring pack) against a Colt Python, my Ruger actually beat it! It's a buttery smooth trigger with a deliciously crisp break. I also like the Ruger cylinder release way more than the Colt one.
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my two sons in law and one daughter have rugers as house guns. None have colts and i offered to buy them what they wanted.
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They are different. Apples to oranges.

Rugers are the finest working man's gun ever made.

Colts are The finest examples of our glorious shooting History: the SAA has no equal. Today, they are more a gentleman's gun. You don't throw them accross the room and then sell it.
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All I know is that I bought my first Ruger a few weeks ago (gp100MC) and I'm sold. A great quality gun that I shoot better than any of my other guns.
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I have Rugers & S&W, Colt is a brand I would like to also have they are all very good!
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Vaquero Vs Colt

Originally Posted by robbnsc3 View Post
I have seldom heard a gun salesman at Cabela's or most other LGS's tell me anything remotely related to the engineering specifications of firearms which made any sense at all? The Colt SAA was designed in the early 1870's off the Roland White Patent and has not changed much, except for the use better/stronger materials since it was designed.

The Ruger Blackhawk was designed in the mid-1950's to fire .357 and .44 magnum ammunition. The Colt SAA was not even chambered for .357 Mag until 1961! The Colt SAA was designed for black powder loads under 12,000 PSI. The .44 Mag pressure can run 35,000 PSI. It is an apples versus tomatoes comparison.

I have owned maybe (8) Ruger Blackhawks and perhaps (6) Colt SAA's in the last 50+ years, plus, a couple of New Frontier Colts and other manufacturer, Colt clones. I have owned, been loading and shooting both Ruger Blackhawks and Colt SAA's since 1965. To me, these two revolvers have totally different approaches to addressing the same problem, probably because they were designed almost exactly 100 years apart and early SAA's were wrought iron frames, cylinders and barrels, not SAE 4140 steel.

Give me a 3rd generation Colt any day for form, fit and function with moderate loads. The Colt is an elegant design that has withstood the test of time. The Blackhawk is a wonderful hunting, very strong handgun with high powered loads and modern design but it is not a Colt and never was intended to be?
Try a new Colt Single Action then try a Vaquero, The Rugar has a extremely smoother action. To accomplish this with a Colt SSA you would have to send it in for a action job. With Colt you are paying a high price for the name alaon not the quality of the weapon !!!
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Oh, I don't know about the story the OP told. I carried a Colt Mark III Trooper most of my 21 yrs as a LEO and would put it up against any Smith or Ruger. One tough revolver that never got its due. I have both Rugers and Colts (and a couple of Smiths) and I wouldn't do it, but the toss on a carpeted floor wouldn't hurt my Trooper and I wouldn't be afraid to take it out to fire it. I'd feel a little hesitate though in tossing my Python, just because.
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Holy Thread Revival, Batman! This is an oldie, but a goodie.

I posted a thread the other day on a different forum, and mine was about Smith vs. Ruger. I had some guns out to do some re-arranging and organizing, and two blued revolvers from the 70's ended up next to one another. I spent awhile examining the two guns, and ended up marveling at both.

Like the Colt, the Smith & Wesson was like a Swiss watch. Put together painstakingly, with numerous hand fitted parts, all,of which have to work together like clockwork. The fit and finish is exquisite; the bluing looks as though it's an inch deep.

On the other hand, when I looked at the Ruger, my reaction was that Bill Ruger was a genius. The Ruger revolver doesn't by any means look "cheap," but up close its nowhere near as beautiful as a fine Smith or Colt. The bluing looks nice, I guess, but "deep" would never be used to describe it.

It's when you take it apart that the magic becomes clear. Take a dime, or maybe a rimmed case, and unscrew the grips. Less than a minute later, using no tools, just the mainspring strut, the entire gun is completely dis-assembled. A minute or so later, again with no tools needed, it's all back together and ready to shoot.

Try doing that with a Smith or a Colt.

Ruger started from scratch, took a completely new approach to building a double action revolver, and ended up with something that works. Really well.

All three guns, Colt, Smith and Ruger, are each excellent in their own way. It's true also, though, that they are apples to oranges to... bananas.
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