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This is a discussion on 1st Deer Rifle / New Loaner Gun within the Gun Stories forums, part of the Firearm Forum category; My dad bought a Marlin 336 in .30-30 back in the early 70s. We had a knack for bumping into coyotes while upland bird hunting ...

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My dad bought a Marlin 336 in .30-30 back in the early 70s. We had a knack for bumping into coyotes while upland bird hunting and bought it just for that. After putting 4-6 rounds through it to site it in, we never bumped into a coyote after that. I took it out in the mid-90s and put a few more rounds through it. I'd guess it's had less than 40 rounds through it.

I assumed since only my brother and I were frequent shooters that we'd divide up the guns but unfortunately my sister decided she wanted some guns too.

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Originally Posted by limpy45 View Post
When I was still working full time, part timer retired now, one of the guys who also was a 'expert' of every topic in the world, was shooting off his mouth in the break room one day about the best "deer rifle". It seems he had a 300 win mag and was spouting off about how that is what was needed to bring down a whitetail deer at any range. One of the other guys finally got him to shut up long enough to take a quick survey among us hunters in the room about what caliber and how many deer we had taken in the last 2 seasons. At that time we had a HUGE population of deer and could get extra licenses to hunt. The majority in the room had .243 wins and had taken an average of 2 deer each with some of us shooting as many as 4, because thats how many tags he had. The guy with the 300 had shot at one but could not hit it, cause it was to 'far' away. My son has a .223 and he has killed many deer with it. It is not what you shoot, it how you shoot it. Jack O'Connor who worked for Outdoor Life for a couple centuries it seemed like, liked smaller calibers cause they did not hurt as much and you could shoot all day.
I never got the .30-30 to the woods this past season. I took my buck with a single shot @190yds shooting my Savage .270 with 130gr bullets. I enjoy shooting it more than it's identical twin in .30-06 using 165gr bullets due to the reduced recoil. I think most people will practice more, and shoot better in the field, with lighter recoiling rifles. The trend towards lighter rifles and more powerful loads has not been beneficial to marksmanship. Thankfully advances in bullet technology are making smaller calibers ever more lethal. I just saw the test of the Ruger Precision Rifle in 6mm Creedmore. Hornady's load for it features the new 108gr 6mm ELDX @ 2960fps. The rifle wears a muzzle-brake from the factory and supposedly lets you call your own shots without a spotter. It looked like a sweet shooter to me!
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Love good deer camp stories of guns used and the why-fors and how-comes for the calibers chosen. Thanks guys for the cool stories!

It has been a long time since I hunted, and in all honesty I hesitate to do so now because I don't want to wound an animal. Out here in Colorado most everything is going to be 200 yards + (deer, elk, antelope), so I want to be damn sure of my gun and of myself before I pull the trigger.

Right now, if I were to go hunting again, it would either be with my iron-butted '03 30-06, or with the No. 1A in .280 that I recently bought.
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