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Weapons you used in the military?

This is a discussion on Weapons you used in the military? within the Gun Stories forums, part of the Firearm Forum category; I was a combat Engineer in Nam. Carried C-4 Det Cord. Fuse. Blasting caps. Fuse lighters blasting cap crimpers....

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Old June 5th, 2015, 09:59 AM   #91
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I was a combat Engineer in Nam. Carried C-4 Det Cord. Fuse. Blasting caps. Fuse lighters blasting cap crimpers.

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in basic I had an old full auto ar15 made by Harrington and Richardson. shot a few other of the US weapons in basic. M60, real grenades, shot a live AT-4. trained with a lot of explosives. Trained with a LAW but never fired a live one.

During regular duty was first issued Colt M16A2 then eventually an M60 which I carried for about a year or so. Then I was issued a brand new M249 SAW which I carried the rest of my time in.

Shot some other weapons during regular duty training, Sapper Zapper and other competitions... M16A2 and M203 grenade launcher, M60, Colt 1911, M2 50cal and again, A LOT of explosives of various types.

We even got a way with some skeet shooting with a bunch of different shotguns, calling the training "Aerial target acquisition"

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22carbine will become famous soon enough22carbine will become famous soon enough
M-16A1, M-16A2, grenades, claymore mines, M60 GPMG, M1911. That sums up the small arms I played with.
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Colt 45, 12ga Shotgun, M-14 and M-60 (A and B gunner)
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I was a Gunners Mate on a West Pac destroyer in the early '70's. The primary weapon for me was a 5" 54. I carried a 1911 on watch and qualified expert with it. I was also responsible for the ship's small arms. Initially we had Garands, M1 carbines, Thompsons, BARs, a Browning 30 cal and Remington 870s. Eventually everything but the Remingtons and the 1911s were swapped for M14s and an M60.
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Trained in Fort Bliss Texas Basic Training with M14. The M16's came in our last week. They were well used and had been re-furbished. We were told, "Forget the M14. You will never see one again." Well in was in a Nike Hercules Unit. I went to Germany. Guess what? The armory was full of M14's and not one M16 in the battalion. For two years I had to qualify with the M14. The second year some of the guys had never seen an M14.
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I spent my entire career in the USAF. Qualified with the M-16, M-60, S&W M-15, and the M-203, Later was issued GAU-5 (predecessor of the M-4), also qualified with the M-16A2, M-249, MK-19, M-9, AT-4, LAW, and 81mm Mortar also had experience with M-14/21, M-1 Thompson, M-3 Grease gun, Browning BAR, H&K MP5, AK-47, AKM, RPG, DSHKA (Soviet 50 cal HMG) (My unit had dissimilar training weapons, for aggressor training) also the M-2 Browning, Rem 870, Win M-12 and last but not least the M-79 Grenade launcher. That this was the best GL I ever fired! I liked it so much better than the M-203! The USAF was the best 20 years of my life!

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XM218 50 cal, M60, M16A2, 1911, 92FS, M203, SAW, REM 870, Grenades, KA-BAR

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Originally Posted by Amigo Will View Post
M-1,M-14, M-2 carbine,grease gun,M-60 and MaDuce,M-79,!2ga were Rem 31 and Win.12,1911 and mod.10S&W and had a Stoner then AR15 then AR16 then AR16A1. The AR's saw little use besides guard duty while in VN as we got to keep our M-14's.
You must have been in country about the same time as I was..I think the option to keep the M-14 went away later on...
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These I carried. Mr.Browning's best hand gun 1911A1, M1, M14, M16(POS) M60, M2.(on a ring on my truck) M3 grease gun. (made by American Can Company)
Hauled everything from body bags to 2000 lbs bombs both Nam tours.
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Qualified with an M16. Never touched any small arms again the rest of the time in the service as I carried a toolbox and fixed jets for the USAF. I did get to pat some nuclear weapons on the head occasionally, if that counts...

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M16A2, M60 MG, Grease Gun, Law, Grenade, M60A1 Tank on occasion, .45 rarely.
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U.S. Air Force 1979-1999, Colt M-16 5.56, S&W model 15 (Forgot the military designation in .38 Special (shot expert) and Berretta M-9 9mm. Had fun with all of them.
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Basic and AIT with M14, Quad 50 and M42 Twin 40mm "Duster", 1911, M79 and LAW. Oh yeah, issued M16 upon arrival to RVN.

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