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What Made You Decide To Carry Concealed

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I carry a concealed weapon because you never know when you will need it.
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I have four reasons why...my wife and three kids
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Been carrying something since grade school. Club, knife, or derringer (by high school). We had a rough little neighborhood. When I was in Jr. High, the police raided the lockers and did a search of the students, collected two baskets of sharp or blunt weapons.
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I've been carrying since 1960. It just made sense to get my CCW permit when they started issuing them. I first started carrying because I was a Rancher and you never knew when you would need a gun. I still carry for the same reason.
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Being born & raised in Jersey, gun rights were just a fable. Sometimes you had to wait 5 or 6 months just to get a NJ Pistol Purchase Permit which only allowed you to buy 1 handgun. When I retired and moved to North Carolina, after being a resident here for 1 year, my wife & I obtained CCW permits. Also, I could not agree with BillStaf more. Too old, too fat and too tired to run.
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While I do not fear for my life on a daily basis (I don't live in a bad neighborhood or work in one), it is my responsibility to protect myself and my family. I liken carrying a gun to buying insurance, you have it but pray to GOD you never have to use it.
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Why I carry

I carry because it's a screwed up world ,and as I am old, I need every advantage I can get. I do not think it is my responsibility to protect the world and will use a gun only as a last resort.
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I have always had a gun handy in the truck. Now since Florida went CCP some years ago I carry most of the time and still keep a long gun in the truck. This is not a nice country anymore. Our justice system is broke. Our values have been dishonored. It will no longer protect us. I feel we must take the responsibilty of our own protection and for that of our families. I am not the tough hombre I used to be. Col. Colt made everyone equal.

I don't believe in our justice system anymore, but I believe in justice.
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Originally Posted by DocuTex View Post
I'm a part of the 2009 CCW boom brought on by the 2008 election cycle.
+1 and Chattanooga does not have gangs. Just ask our mayor.

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I decided to go for my CCW due to a couple reasons. But mainly was to protect the family. We used to do alot of 4wheeling, fishing , camping and stuff and always seemed to be in the middle of the woods or the middle of nowhere. We also travel alot at times. So I would rather have it and not need it, than to need it and not have it
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Old April 11th, 2011, 05:55 PM   #57
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I never had one "moment" that convinced me to get my CCH, but it was on my list of things to do for a long time. Oklahoma wasn't a shall-issue state when i lived there, and they changed the law a year after I left. It took Kansas a while to come around, so when they did, I decided to do it while I could. It still took me a while, but I got my license last December.

Now that the kids are getting older and we're traveling more with the RV, we find ourselves in the middle of nowhere more often. I may be paranoid but I'm worried about stumbling across some territorial pot growers or portable meth labs when we get away from it all. Rabid critters were just the excuse I gave my wife!
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I joined the USMC in 1967 and went to the Nam in 68 (combat-0311). When I came back I became an MP, carred a 45 Colt and felt good about it. Got out in 1970 with no weapon to carry so I bought a 45 Colt. Through the years I have carred different pistols. Then in 2006 I got my CHL ( Texas). The reason I do and have carred is simple. In Viet Nam I had 2 enemys, VC and North Viet Nam army. VC dressed in all black an NVA dressed in green uniform and they had weapons, easy to spot. Here in the USA I dont know who my enamy is. Could be the guy next to me I just don't know so I carry to protect myself and family.
I ask myself all the time will I ever have to use my pistol and my answer is "I would rather have it than not".
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Awards Showcase

Because it's not the same World I grew up in.........................
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Originally Posted by BuckJM53 View Post
While the easy answer here may be for some "because it's my right", I'm curious if there was a particular event, situation or thought that ultimately moved you to the point of making that final decision to carry concealed?

For me, it was pretty simple. There was no one particular event, but rather the simple desire to protect my wife and myself from becoming the next "easy target/victim" as we grow older.
The first and biggest reason for me after 'because its my right' is dogs. The wife and I bike a lot in the nice weather and we've had a crap load of problems with pits and rotts (and mixed breeds of both) the last few years. Ive literally come close to having to shoot a couple pit breeds right outside my front door, one as recently as within this last month.

Ive warned the owners and tried my best to keep from having to having to put a dog down, but Ohio law is very clear about aggressive dogs.

Lastly, having been a victim of crime a few times in my life, I know there is always the possibility of it happening again.
When the wife and I moved to Ohio in 08 we hadnt been here 2 months when the Chase bank we were in got locked down during a robbery attempt.

Im not paranoid, just realistic
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