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Dud round in my carry magazine

This is a discussion on Dud round in my carry magazine within the CCW forums, part of the Firearm Forum category; FeralCatKiller, I'm curious as to what brand carry ammo that was that failed to fire....

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FeralCatKiller, I'm curious as to what brand carry ammo that was that failed to fire.

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I carry what ever I practice with, right now its Freedom Munitions 158 RNFP in 38 special which we have hundreds of rounds and have shot hundreds rounds never any issue, but thats why I only carry DA revolvers anymore just squeeze again if one is a dud. And would carry a SA before a semi even with the extra step still much faster than some kind of feed problem.
In less you store your ammo in a swamp center fire ammo is very reliable no matter the age it seems.

I will say after having several problems with my SR9c early on and then switching to only brass ammo after several hundred rounds it has yet to give me anymore problems and it is a joy to shoot, plus large capacity mags.Thinking back can only remember maybe 2/3 times tops ever having centerfire duds and have never had a 22 mag dud wonder if anyone else has had any issues with it.

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Recently fired some family handloads that were 77 years old.
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I've recently shot ammo, reloaded in 1979 .44 Magnum, that was stored in my garage out here where the temps in the summer get in excess of 110 degrees. They all shot fine in my S&W Model 29, as well as my Ruger SBH. I've also ran across some CCI Lawman .45acp JHP, from the early 70's that we carried in Southern California PD's., and they also fired fine.

Not too many years ago I shot some Peters paper shotgun shells that were from the early 50's, and to be totally honest with you some of the 12ga. shells were deformed from having been soaked in water, however from that same lot of ammo, the ones that would chamber did fire, and we were able to hit the clay pigeon we were hand throwing out at a local range.

Now back when I was a police officer in California, we had our new ammo issued once a year, so it's probably based on mostly hearsay. Today, it depends on, several different areas of where I carried it, I'm retired so I do a lot of traveling, and some times the humidity is really bad and subjects the ammo to a lot of body salts, as well as the firearm. Before I retire for the evening my firearm gets a wipe down, and the magazines as well. Now note I carry at least 3 different firearms all with Hornady Critical Defense, in .380, 9mm, and .45acp. I went to the HCD ammo about 3 years ago, and before that I used Federal Hydro-shock. BTW I do shoot my carry ammo every so often as I noticed they do print considerably different than my practice ammo as well as the recoil, is different. You never know when the caca is about to hit the fan, so IMHO it's best to be prepared.
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Not truly a dud round if it went off the second time.

More importantly, (and this isn't directed at the OP or any other individual) what do you do if your SD firearm fails to go off when the trigger is pulled in a true life and death situation?

In a controlled range setting, I understand the point it in a safe direction to wait for a hangfire. I also understand that we "do" as we train. Truly. If we always sit and stare at our weapon if it doesn't go off, don't expect to do differently under stress.

Snap caps and a friend along can go a long way to overcoming the habit of just waiting. Have your friend load your magazines with an unknown number of snap caps, in unknown intervals. Perhaps they are all live rounds in one mag? Practice "failure to fire" drills. If you have enough magazines, you can get benefit from preloading your own and mixing them up. Do this often enough where your training will keep you in the fight. I have witnessed a former LEO coworker raise his hand when his gun didn't go off during a qualification, despite FTF training.

Even just plain reloading drills seem infrequent. Many ranges don't want speed draws. You can still train by putting your backup magazine in from the bench as if you were on the clock and continue your string. Again, we do as we train. Food for thought.
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Originally Posted by Bobberfishin View Post
Whichever ammo I have in my EDC, I put new rounds every 6 months. I shoot the ones that are in the mag just to be sure of firing properly. I'll buy 3 boxes, shoot one (a few rounds from each box) then load up my mags. I do rotate the rounds every couple of weeks so the magazine springs relax & then get tension again.
FWIW - This allows me to get the feel of self defense ammo instead of the plinking ammo while at the range
I must take exception to your statement: about springs getting relaxed and put under tension again. This is not the case, properly made springs do not have a memory, but stretching and relaxing the springs will cause them to fatigue (remember the bend a paper clip or coat hanger and eventually it will break, the same thing to a lesser extent happens with spring steel). there are several good articles available , but believe me, I am a retired physicist with a minor in metallurgy and it really is true. typically auto loader mag springs fail more often with repeated use ( like competition) not with disuse in one position.
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Originally Posted by Bozz48 View Post
FeralCatKiller, I'm curious as to what brand carry ammo that was that failed to fire.
Sorry... Just seeing this. Haven't been on RF.net for a while.

It was the Fiocchi stuff with the Hornady bullets (extrema?) which was admittedly not my first choice but the pickings were a bit slim at the time that I bought it.
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I've only had duds that were reloads which sat in my damp basement for 20+ years. Even then most went off on a second strike and I blamed on the primers. I always got CCI and folks said they tended to not dent as deeply which sometimes affected reliability with lightly sprung firing pins. Aside from those few no real issues.
Back when I was in the army I got issued 27 year old ammo to carry with a 30.06 sniper rifle. Match ammo from the Korean War no less. We had trouble with the bullets coming off from the repeated loading and handling due to them not being roll crimped like standard stuff. They still went bang when you pulled the trigger.

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Many good points made but we all do things to put our minds at ease. Nothin wrong with that. I once had a guy tell me he wouldn't put an inexpensive set of tires on his bike just to save a few bucks, ok but, we're imperfect beings livin in an imperfect world and even the 'best products' made can have duds. A life is a high price to pay but still, all we can do is all we can do. We take steps to avoid catastrophe but, ultimately, 'ya never know', the rounds you're replacin could have the dud so, throwin a few SD rounds down range every once in a while is low cost if it puts yer mind at ease.....nothing's for certain, 'ya just never know'.
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Double D
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Ive found on average about one hard primer in a 1000 round case of CCI Blazer brass. Luckily, I always find the dud at the range.

Thats pretty much about all I load my EDC mags with.

And I empty them out about once a month. My nephew shows up at camp and is more than happy to assist with the changing of the brass.

Ive tried most brands, some were so bad I wont even buy them anymore.

So I just stick with CCI.
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