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How many here only carry revolvers?

This is a discussion on How many here only carry revolvers? within the CCW forums, part of the Firearm Forum category; My Security Six will ALWAYS be my CCW....

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My Security Six will ALWAYS be my CCW.

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Originally Posted by kybeagle View Post
I carry an LCR exclusively due to the inherent safety and reliability of revolvers. I can't get past the fear of 1: accidental discharge, and 2: the necessity of activating safeties and/or slides in a panic situation. Yes, practice would help overcome these things but I don't have the opportunity to practice a lot. I envy those guys who feel completely at home with their semi-auto but it's just not me.
A semi with the same type of trigger as a revolver is no more likely to have a ND from a mistake. The problem with light switch triggers is the fact they are light switch triggers. Humans have a strange condition of screwing up, unless a person is perfect. Training will help, but there is a big difference from a 10 pound long trigger pull, and the pull of a Glock.

I have strict rules for myself when around guns, I am anal about it. Unless I am training or servicing a gun my hands stay off the gun. I do train almost everyday, but I still prefer to carry revolvers. When I am in the rare mood I might carry a semi. If I am going to a bad neighborhood, and that is not often, I will carry a my Star Super. The gun only cost me $130 20 years ago. It would be less painful then having a beloved revolver confiscated by police after a shooting.
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While my EDC has a been a Glock 36 in .45 acp for the past 4 years, I still have a 2.25" Ruger SP101 .357 magnum in the rotation...and while it's been regulated as an 'outdoor' gun, it does cruise around with me in a chest-holster when I ride bike!

I've been chased (seriously) 3 times and bitten once (1x) and that'll never happen again! Every dog that has 'chased' me (with the intent to attack / bite / cause harm)...none ever even barked...it was just their toe nails clicking on the asphalt that gave away their attack! Other dogs, that come out to just bark or race for fun...do just that...and make some noise in the process! Against larger dogs (and other 'threats') a good 158 grain JHP +P is sufficient to stop just about anything that could cause physical damage if an incident were to occur!

I grew up with revolvers and the SP101 is still just plain comfortable in my grip...so when I ride, a 'natural' feel is the way to go!
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I carry my 4 5/8ths inch Blackhawk 45 LC with 300 grain gas checked bullets over 15.5 grs. of 2400. Seems a pretty good combo for what I might encounter around these parts, you know, Zombies and Globalists.... The subject of Grizzly bear usually comes up when people mention large caliber handgun carry, so if I were in bear country, I believe I'd be totin' my Marlin 45-70.
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I only own and only carry revolvers. But to overcome the capacity disadvantage, I carry multiple revolvers. But let's be clear -- I enjoy carrying multiple revolvers.

Since I spend most of my time sitting (in a car, or at a desk) I can get by with twin ankle holsters, which I fill with matching SP101s. I add to that either a belly band or DeepConceal shoulder rig for another SP101. And for dessert, I have a NAA Pug in my pocket.

Again, I enjoy carrying my revolver collection -- analogous to wearing one's favorite jewelry. So it is a hobbiest thing as much as it is a tactical thing. Beyond my personal preferences, I can objectively say that it is perfectly easy to carry three or four beefy snubnoses. SP101s on your (or my, anyway) ankles are a literal snap (in Galco ankle gloves).
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