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This is a discussion on Concealed Carry for Women within the CCW forums, part of the Firearm Forum category; I'd suggest an LCR .357 magnum and shoot .38s out of it. That's what my wife and I do, the added weight of the .357 ...

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I'd suggest an LCR .357 magnum and shoot .38s out of it. That's what my wife and I do, the added weight of the .357 model helps even more curb that recoil and it gives you a little versatility if you decide you want to pop off a few magnum rounds.

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I carried a Ruger LCP 380 in my purse for a few years. It fits nicely in most purses and is easy to get out when needed. I now carry a Ruger LCR 357 revolver, which also fits in my purse when I dress up. Most of the time I'm in jeans, and carry it in a bianchi holster on my right hip with an untucked tee shirt covering it up.

There are gun classes that you can take that focus on defense specifically for females. I'm sure you can find one in your area.

Good luck.


Originally Posted by ckn115 View Post
I'm thinking of getting my permit. Thoughts from other ladies out there? Thanks!

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Not a lady, but married to a lady.

Our state game and parks agency has been offering some "handguns for beginners" classes both for both sexes, and for women only. My wife took the women-only one then has been working through an NRA "women on target" program which is great. Now she wants to take the concealed carry course which is much better than if she'd have gone straight for her CCW without the intensive primer and refresher courses.

Weapon is a personal choice and often your first purchase may be wrong, so it's ok to realize that and trade. My wife's first pistol was an SR-22 which she hated (disliked the trigger and safety/decocker). She got a Walther PPS M2 single stack 9mm and likes it a lot.

To me, comfort with the gun's design and action type is more important than caliber or capacity. If you don't love spending quality time with your gun at the range you aren't going to maintain proficiency and safety.
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My wife qualified with a S&W Victory and asked a lot of questions, and tried other guns now she has a 9mm Shield that she is comfortable shooting. Ask questions and try other guns till you feel what is good for you.
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Originally Posted by North country gal View Post
Strongly suggest you sign up for classes on how to shoot, safety and so on. Some of these are incorporated into the requirements to get your CCL and there are some classes designed with women in mind. Your local gunshop or shooting range is a good place to find these. The most important thing, at this point, is instruction. There will be plenty of time, later, to make personal choices as to what and how to carry. Best of luck and feel free to ask questions as you go.
Excellent advice indeed.
And after that I suggest you consider a Walther PK380. I'm buying one soon to show my wife what a nice little gun it is(I previously owned one and love them) so she will buy one for herself(She now has a S&W Bodyguard 380 which she hates due to the recoil-it's too small and not a gun to start out with, which she did contrary to my advice). Great size, low recoil and easy to rack the slide. Shoots great as well.
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Not a woman, but saw a great Remora holster video --remora holster demo-you tube.

There is a woman (blue top) showing how it works for concealed carry.

IMHO, a woman who is open to cc should do so, after proper training of course.
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Originally Posted by Len917 View Post
I'm not a women but you may want to look at the Ruger LCR in 22 WMR. It small and in Florida where people don't wear heavy clothing, it will be more than enough firepower without the recoil etc. Being a revolver, it is also very reliable.
That's the same revolver we recommended for my 72 y/o mother when she inquired about something to carry when she went on her daily walks. Small...DAO...light... accurate...excellent penetration...6 shots...reliable...adaptable grips and night sight options...simple pull-point-n-shoot capability...etc.

My wife recently acquired an H&K P2000SK...she sold 2 to get it...because it was 'naturally' comfortable in her grip...and the comfort cut her target shooting shot placement circle to less than 1/2.

Finding something that's comfortable in your grip eliminates discomfort and allows you to focus on developing your shooting skills + accuracy instead of how uncomfortable it feels when you shoot it.... comfort matters!

Make comfort your first goal!

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Not really enough info, are you already an accomplished shooter? Are you recoil shy? etc, etc, .

So here goes,,,

As feralcatkiller said, my wife also tried the sr22. Not only was is a defective pistol that Ruger took back, she hated it. And justifyibly so. HArd and confusing for a beginner, jammed constanly, and sprayed lead all over the place. A piece of junk IMO. And I wouldnt recommend anyone carry a 22 long rifle for personal protection. The ammo is undependable IMO, for more reasons than one.

So her first real conceal carry was a LCR 22 mag. She learned on it, and loves it to this day. Very easy to learn to clean, handle, load. Very concealable. You can pocket carry it. Nothing to snag. She made it VERY clear when I offered to get her a 9mm, that she wanted to keep the LCR 22mag. And 22 mag aint nothing to sneeze at anyway. They have more penetration than a .38, and will blow right through kevlar and most body armor. I seen a 22 mag in a derringer drop a 300 lb body builder type who was charging the guy, right in his tracks. HHit him in the chest. All he could do was lay and moan until the ambulance hauled him off. He was in the hospital for about 2 or 3 months. They are also VERY, VERY accurate. With no recoil, rapid follow up shots are easy. And in a high stress situation, its point and pull. And its NOT going bang, unless YOU make it go bang. So very safe. I would recommend adding a GREEN night sight. ( about $25.) The green sight makes a nice little revolver, a great little revolver. And ammo wise, in a 1000 round case of CCI maxi mag in 22 mag, I think Ive had one ammo failure with a dud primer. So pretty dependable. LCR 22 mag, About $425.

Her " gradutaion pistol was a 9mm CZ Rami 2075D. Thats a decocker model with no safety. Also, VERY VERY safe to carry and easy to conceal. Again, its NOT going bang, unless you make it go bang. Very low recoil for a 9mm that small, and very accurate. Comes with combat night sights which are really good, . And like the LCR, point and pull. And as with all the CZ stuff Ive owned, they are well known for accuracy and dependability, just a damn fine weapon all around. She also love it. $625.

I personally love and carry the 9mm CZ 75 PCR, also a decocker. A little bigger than the Rami, but still very concealable. Pcr comes with tritium night sights, mine came with combat night sights. The CZ 75 P01 is also the same size,a decocker, and has a rail, but the sights are not very good. Both are excellent sidearms. With factory rubber grips, they fit your hand like a good glove. Awesome ergonomics. The PCR runs about $525, the P01 runs about $575.
My PCR has about 1500 rounds of CCI Blazer brass fired, no failures of any kind. My wife also like shooting both, just a hair to big for her to conceal in her line of work.
Any CZ 75 series pistol can be sight upgraded with TruGlo TFX night sights, which are awesome. They glow brightly in total blackness, have a 25 yards POA / POI with a 6 oclock hold. About $100. All my CZ 75 series have them.

I personally DONT care for the cocked and locked carry, but I will give a shout out to the 9mm Sig, 938 black widow. My daughter in law has one. Ive shot it. Very small, low recoil, perfect function, and VERY accurate. Comes with really good tritium night sights. I think they are over $700.

Several good things about 9mm, its cheap, its accurate, and it has plenty of stopping power. I get 1000 round cases of CCI blazer brass for about $225. And during an "ammo scare/shortage", you can ALWAYS find 9mm.

And just so I dont get accused of sounding sexist, If you can carry it, I personally recommend an M2 Quad fiftie. NOT the easiest to conceal, but It will stop an armored vehicle in its tracks, kill houses, and take out taliban @ OVER 2500 yards. And you only gotta hit em ONCE.

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I got my wife a 22 lcr just the get comfortable with the revolver. She likes the lcr because if it's loaded its ready to go and if you pull the trigger it goes bang. If the cartridges are out of the cylinder it's unloaded.
Now she has a lcr 357 that she shoots 38 in.

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My wife has the LCR 22WMR also. Doesn't want anything to do with semi-automatics and can't handle the LCR 357 shooting 38s. Not ideal perhaps, but way better than nothing.
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