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what do you take when you are staying somewhere far from home?

This is a discussion on what do you take when you are staying somewhere far from home? within the CCW forums, part of the Firearm Forum category; I'm headed from Penna to So. Carolina and Georgia. I made a carry a copy of the latest recip map and my orig CCW permit. ...

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Old September 7th, 2016, 02:16 PM   #46
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I'm headed from Penna to So. Carolina and Georgia. I made a carry a copy of the latest recip map and my orig CCW permit. Good in VA, W.VA, NC, TN and GA. not SC. so while driving thru MD and my time in SC, firearm will live in trunk. Disappointed in SC

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Interesting topic and even more so the answers so far.

Generally I'll take my EDC snubbie. Sometimes I'll bring along a little pocket Kel-Tek .32 too in case we have an event to attend where the dress would require a more discreet carry.

Road trips for us are generally planned to avoid states that won't honor our carry permits. If we do travel through one of those no-carry states, whatever we have goes in the trunk, unloaded and locked in a case. As soon as we cross the border back into a friendly state, pull off the road and load up again.

Airport travel is a whole different game and some airlines make it less of a hassle than others to bring your firearm with you. Last time I took a gun aboard a flight, a lady behind me in line freaked out when I declared the firearm -and showed it - to the nice lady at the airline counter.

It can be done, you just have to plan it out, and carefully check the airline policy. As I recall, I had to keep the gun in a locked hard case to which I was the only one with a key. And the ammo had to be in a cardboard or wooden box and not stored with the firearm. And, of course, it was a checked bag not a carry on.
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Just returned from Florida. Packed my G43 w extra mag and Hornady Critical Duty 9mm+P
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Wife & I just returned from a 2500 mile round trip to a remote cabin in the Bighorn mountains. It's our 3rd time out there. The first year we packed 2 semi-auto pistols, a Blackhawk, 12 ga shotgun and a .357 mag lever gun. 2nd year, ditched the lever action rifle and revolver. This year a Springfield Mod 2 9mm, Glock 42 and a Mossberg 12ga pump. A pistol for each of us and the 12 ga for a campfire weapon as big critters get really close to the cabin.

Just necessities now.
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Just like the OP, my SR1911 is my EDC (with a back -up). When the wife and I are on the road beyond the local area, the AR comes along as well;extra loaded mags for both of course.
Being a retired Marine I'm starting to detect in the responses some indication of a pattern. I suspect that's not a coincidence.
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If I'm traveling away from the home base for an extended period, I'll usually just bring 2-3 main carry guns and extra ammo, at least one being high power and another being high capacity. I've never brought long guns before, I have always figured that whatever I brought was always at least adequate to get myself and say the one other person I'm with to a safe zone in whatever combat type situation I may be in. I feel like almost any combat situation so extreme it would call for a rifle (I mean a situation where a handgun would simply be insufficient) you could instead lie low and get to safety with a handgun than engage in combat with a rifle. Again, I said ALMOST any situation......

I don't think there anything wrong with doing it though. More power to you!
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When I travel, it's my usual EDC gun (9mm Shield or Glock 26) and my trusty Ruger 10-22 and several boxes of ammo.
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Old September 22nd, 2016, 09:34 AM   #53
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Originally Posted by iScottdaBlues View Post
Same thing just the 9. Shield and 3 mags
Originally Posted by DCD327 View Post
While working in Pittsburgh a couple years back, I carried a 1911 with six mags. 3 in the vehicle, 2 in my lunch bucket & 1 in the gun. I also kept a Ruger blackhawk 327 mag in the console. My buddy carried a 480 Ruger. All 3 pistols went into the hotel room at night. Where we were, after dark, it wasnt safe to even walk out to your vehicle at night 20 feet away without getting accousted by a pimp, whore, or druggie. One night a druggie seen me walking in with the Ruger, he was approaching me, stopped dead in his tracks and went the other way. And oddly enough, they stayed the hell off the sidewalk in front of our room after that. So the word got out pretty quick.

I have no reason to be heavily armed in my area, but make sure I can defend myself if needed. If you feel you need A, B, or C to feel safe in certain area's, then do it. SMD9mm hit on it, Thats kinda a personal preference I think depending on area, etc. 4 legged critters may need more stopping power, where 2 legged critter may be shooting back. So plan accordingly.

Originally Posted by ifithitu View Post
I take my M&P 40 Shield or my Taurus 605 .357 Magnum,on trips.
Originally Posted by patkelly4370 View Post
I drive for a living. Every week I'm 1,500 miles from home (minimum).
One of 2 EDC.
If it's a road trip with family, wife is carrying too. There is usually something for each passenger too. And long gun for wife and I too. Couple hundred rounds for each firearm.
Solo motorcycle trip is also EDC, but a shotgun had found its way into my gear on occasion.

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Originally Posted by alayonruger View Post
My two favorites. The way things are going, I wouldn't want to be stuck 10 hours away from home without at least one of the these. SHTF seems closer than ever although if Caesar can afford to play golf while Rome burns, maybe I'm just being paranoid.

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Originally Posted by bwinters View Post
In Nj nothing.
In states where there is reciprocity, I prefer an old

1911, with the seven shot mag, filled with FMJs.

There are mag restrictions,

caliber restrictions, and hollow point

restrictions, in many reciprocity states,

and the 1911 with FMJs pretty much stays

"under the radar".
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Since I live in NH, and most of my family and friends are in MA, that's where most of my "travels" take me. So, to answer the OP question, I take NOTHING when travelling from home unless I know for sure I won't be venturing south into MA. Hopefully that will change when/if Mr Trump can get a nationwide CCW law passed. At that point an LC9 with spare 9 round mag will become my second AMEX card (you know, don't leave home without it).
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doing a southeast roadtrip now. on me is a bond arms derringer backup 9mm. in my trunk ghb is my "always" ruger single six 22lr/wmr plus, this time, a ruger blackhawk 45lc "just because." ammo count is 50 rounds each 9mm and 45lc, and 100 rounds each 22lr/wmr. i used to take a long gun, marlin 22lr papoose or a 20ga or 410 single shotgun, but prefer a heavier centerfire handgun these days.

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When I drive I like a Remington 700- 30.06 in trunk and a LC9 on my side. If somebody starts something I want a rifle. I do have a few armor pericing slugs.
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Old December 19th, 2016, 12:03 PM   #58
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My EDC which is either a SR1911 or RAP in 45 and two extra mags. If weight isn't an issue, a box of 100 extra rounds. If weight is an issue, a box of 50 extra rounds.
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I don't really consider in state far from home. Even though it's five hours to the western side. The laws aren't an issue here so I take what I feel like. Always have a concealed carry pistol. If I'm going hiking I will have a 10mm. And if I'm at the cabin I will have a rifle or shotgun w/ me.

Far from home means a flight. Which happens pretty much weekly. State I'm traveling to determines if I bring a pistol w/ me. Even if the state allows it I can't always take it if the site I'm going to doesn't allow them. I hate when this happens but it is what it is.

I always have a Benchmade MiniGrip on me. But I've taken to flying w/ an older beat up one. I have no desire to lose my custom one to the TSA. It's bad enough they rip apart my pelican case full of tools each time(both ways).
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1911 45 acp, Colt Cobra 38 spl, North American Arms, 22 mag.
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