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This is a discussion on traffic stops within the CCW forums, part of the Firearm Forum category; Originally Posted by pennsy I think having a loaded rifle in your truck would violate game laws. you added the extra words...

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Originally Posted by pennsy View Post
I think having a loaded rifle in your truck would violate game laws.
you added the extra words

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Originally Posted by Bill B View Post
nope you guys broke it
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Originally Posted by onespeedbiker View Post
Living in CA and being a retired LEO, I am always armed. Whether to inform an officer I might have contact with while they are involved in an enforcement activity I take on a case by case bases; based primarily on the likely length of contact. Generally I would not inform becasue no matter how experienced an officer is, the dynamic immediately changes once LE knows you're armed, however it goes without saying that I will be most compliant contact/detainee the officer has experienced in a long time.
You're looking at it from a totally different perspective...being a former LEO.

I guess being from a "Duty to Inform" state that's how I was instructed.

As far as being compliant..I too would be the model of compliancy....I would say my first words to any officer would be "I have a permitted firearm with me in the vehicle...how would you like to proceed?" as I sat there with both hands on the steering wheel in plain view.
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Originally Posted by Woody44 View Post
you added the extra words
Sorry for assuming it loaded. Is it of much use otherwise?
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While Texas is a must inform state if you are carrying, I am with those that believe you should inform an LEO if you are armed regardless of the requirement to or not. Should an officer ask me to exit the vehicle, I don't want him catching a surprised glimpse of my holstered weapon at that time.

I agree with most responses. Pull over, engine off, window down, dome light on. If there is time before the officer approaches my vehicle I will get my wallet out and in my hands on top of the steering wheel. Until the officer knows I am carrying, and where on my body, I am not reaching for anything in the glove box or elsewhere in the vehicle and then only on his instructions.

If the officer wants me to be disarmed I would politely ask if they are familiar with a 1911. If not, I will offer to reach across with my left hand and remove my weapon, then clear it if instructed to do so. I would prefer someone that is unfamiliar with a 1911 to not handle it, especially since I carry in condition 1. If the officer still wants to disarm me himself, I am not going to argue the point.
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Minnesota is inform if asked. I see some reference to Philandro Castile case. I got my carry instructions from same place he did. In the training we were told if stopped and carrying to keep hands on wheel and when asked for license to inform at that time of permit. Do not move hands. I keep my wallet in left back pocket, my carry at 3 o'clock IWB so likely hood of being seen is moot. Instructed as courtesy to let them know. Instructor related first time he was pulled over he informed Highway Patrolman. The office asked where it was. When informed the officer then said, you keep yours there and I'll keep mine in my holster. They both had a good laugh.
Also latest is Philandro Castile mary jane use can be used by defense. I believe the nics one fills out has a box to check about that to get a gun??
Also if have carry permit in Minnesota and buy a pistol/revolver a nics check is no longer required per Feds. if permit valid after Aug. 1, 2019.
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AZ is not required to inform. It is a non permit state for open or ccw. However the cops I know don't care if your carrying they would just like to know if you are. Its just a couristy just to say hey Im packing that way there are no misunderstandings
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Nevada- during my concealed carry he said roll all windows down keep hands on the wheel. He gave two options one you could start with that you are a concealed carry holder and currently have your firearm on your person and the location of where it is at. Second option is handing your drivers license and concealed carry permit to the officer. Slow movements and honesty go a long way
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