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This is a discussion on Trend toward larger carry firearms within the CCW forums, part of the Firearm Forum category; Originally Posted by Highhawk1948 Carry either a .45 Colt or a .45 ACP because they pack a lot of wallop. Carried IWB. I agree, since ...

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Old June 17th, 2016, 04:37 AM   #91
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Originally Posted by Highhawk1948 View Post
Carry either a .45 Colt or a .45 ACP because they pack a lot of wallop. Carried IWB.
I agree, since open carry became legal here I no longer carry itty bitty firearms. It's one of the 45Colt's or maybe one of my 1911's in 45acp. IF I need a firearm I want to leave big holes in them.

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Originally Posted by jbglock View Post
My concealed carry gun is a gen3 Glock 34. This is the longer slide version of the 17. Frankly I find I am considerably more accurate with it than my 17. I love my 34 but Glock's have a terrible trigger. I'm not going to modify a trigger on a carry gun either. This year I plan on making my off duty a RAP in 9mm I now own. Only because I'm almost as accurate with it because it has such a better trigger. Frankly I've never understood then desire for tiny guns. I see my guns though as potential lifesavers for me. I'm not a person that can shoot a compact or subcompact as good as a full size handgun.
I can see your point about Glock triggers only if you are a member of the NYPD, where they are required to use the "NY trigger", For the rest of them, I don't get it. ESPECIALLY for the G34, which is comes with a 4.5 pound trigger. I competed with a stock G34 for several years and was always happy with the trigger, though not always with my score.
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The largest pistols i carry is my '' Taurus PT111 G2 9mm,. 605 .357Mag. PT140 G2 40" & M&P 40 Shield. I have two 1911's I don't like carrying larger pistols.

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Originally Posted by masiaka View Post
I really have no desire to concealed carry anything lighter than 25 oz and chambered for less than 9x19. My current carry options are: an SP101 loaded with .357 Bonded Golden Sabers and a few speed loaders, a lightweight 1911 loaded with 8+1 .45 HSTs and a 10 rnd spare mag, or 28 rounds of 9mm Golden Sabers in my Sig P250 and its spare mag.

That said, I'm struggling to find a way to carry while kilted. The guys I know that do all recommend a smaller gun like an LCP. I'm getting an Urban Carry deep concealment holster for Christmas (Santa has a big mouth) that I'm hoping will let me keep my larger guns on me even when I'm in full Highlands kit.
Just happened to see this a few days before I read your post https://www.gungoddess.com/kilt-holster/ though, I'm not sure a large gun would work with that.

Can Can concealment makes awesome hip level belly band type holsters that can be worn without a belt. This is the unisex version of their hip hugger and you can definitely carry a large gun in these http://www.cancanconcealment.com/pro...ant=1367643844

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I recently switched from a Sig Sauer P938 (16 oz) to a Ruger SP101 DAO (25 oz). Both in Crossbreed IWB holsters. I definitely feel the extra 9 oz, but it's still small and light enough to be comfortable carrying all day. I don't think I'd want to go much heavier than that, but I could get used to something heavier if it's all I had. Of course, I would dread concealed-carrying a GP100 or full-size 1911, but I know some people do, and a person can get used to just about anything if they are determined (or if they have to for some reason).
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My typical carry gun is an LCR 3" in .38. Light enough to not drag on your belt, comfortable to hold and fire. IWB it is easily concealed.

Have carried a 1911, but only in winter with a jacket OWB

Just picked up a new SR1911. Sweet firing gun. I am thinking it could also be concealable IWB by a loose shirt. Any suggestions?
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Trend toward larger carry firearms

Originally Posted by Doner View Post
Your friend is wrong. It's perfectly legal to carry a round chambered in PA.
And why would you bother even carrying without a chambered round?

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I have carried the same S&W CS 45 for over 20 years. I think it most important to always carry and qualify with the same firearm consistently.
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Since I have found that, under pressure, I am too dam clumsy and stupid to reload... I always carry two pistolas... and a back-up in my boot. All .45's….

However… although I might not do the "reload-thing" so good…. I can still draw and shoot with either hand….

One final point. Around my office building… things have NEVER… been so bad. Lot of distrust… lot of animosity… and some of us don’t know why. I have always been friends with the African-American crowd… but my goodness alive… they act like I done something to ‘em. One thing is for sure… I’m not gonna shoot anybody… but I dam sure ain’t gonna let somebody shoot me, neither… if I can help it.

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I won't carry anything smaller than my Shield 9mm! I have a bad back so I have to carry lighter weight guns at times. My preferred carry is my Colt 45ACP 1911 LW Commander, then my Ruger 9mm LW 1911 Commander, and then my Shield 9mm. I love the 1911 platform and carry them 90% of the time and as my back allows.

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Anyone that has seriously carried a concealed firearm during daily activities for any length of time comes to the same conclusions:

1. Large guns are a PITA to carry and conceal day in and day out, while going about your normal activities.

2. Small guns are difficult to shoot well, have lower capacity and all handguns are marginal fight stoppers at best.

SO - We compromise.

In a perfect world we wouldn't need to be armed.
In a less perfect world we could carry a long gun 24/7
In the world we actually live in - a concealed handgun may not be ideal but it is often the best (and sometimes the only) option available.

People that say they carry a pair of concealed Desert Eagles or two Super Redhawks - All the time, every day !! ...are either lying or their day doesn't look anything like my day. I'm going to go out on a limb and say most of them are lying.

Likewise - Most people understand that a .22 Derringer isn't the best self-defense tool.

Each of us must find the compromise between what we can and WILL carry everyday vs. what we would carry if size, weight and concealment were not factors.

If I knew I was headed into a deadly force encounter - I wouldn't go there at all !
If I couldn't avoid it - I'd probably take a rifle or a shotgun.

Because we don't know if we will encounter a deadly force situation that we cannot avoid, we select handguns as a compromise. Pick the best gun you can and WILL carry. The rest of the details will sort themselves out.
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Some good points.

Also note that pistol accuracy and range being what it is,

carrying that full-size pistol will give you an edge over the

smaller one, but no advantage over a rifle toting attacker.
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When things go side ways its always better to have a mouse gun than no gun at all. Its hot here in Texas during the summer. I carry a little Beretta Storm SC On the small side, but I can shoot pretty accurate out to 15 Yards. maybe 25 on a good day. In thr cooler months I pack either a Beretta P95, or my Ruger P92. I always carry concealed, but the newer open carry laws here cause me less worries about accentential exposures ...
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Originally Posted by eahicks View Post
And why would you bother even carrying without a chambered round?

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There's always that one dude that loves having this argument...
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I think the trend toward larger firearms is something that should be considered depending upon your intended destination and what could possibly be expected there. For instance, in general I have 4 firearms that I will consider for daily wear depending on where I'm going and the weather as well as expectations. For going over to the store or gas station, I stick a S&W 637 in my front pocket. For forays into a major metropolitan area I usually have a 3" .45 auto either IWB or in a shoulder rig with multiple spare mags. General wear, a 357 snub on my belt and a speed strip. If going up into the woods for a walk or hiking a snub 44 mag with 12 spare rounds in a shoulder rig....in my area the woods and mountains have a variety of black bears and mountain lions as well as two legged predators. The .44 handles them all. While I can do fine with any of them, I tailor my choice to the situation and my expectations. I am fortunate to have a large variety of weapons to choose from. I normally pick the lightest and most compact for concealment occasions.
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