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This is a discussion on .41 mag ammo search story within the Ammo Dump forums, part of the Firearm Forum category; A while back I was lucky enough to be the first responder to an ad for a bunch of older revolvers. The seller contacted me ...

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Old February 2nd, 2017, 11:17 AM   #1
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.41 mag ammo search story

A while back I was lucky enough to be the first responder to an ad for a bunch of older revolvers. The seller contacted me and after some back and forth I told him what items I wanted, what I would pay, and we agreed to meet. One of the items in his ad that I wanted was a .41 magnum revolver. While we were negotiating, he told me it had already been sold before I responded. I was disappointed, having recently sold my Ruger NMSBH .44 magnum and was missing that big bore revolver experience already.

When I was on my way to look at them, he informed me that the other buyer had backed out and asked if I still wanted it. I did, so I got it too. Once I got it home I started looking for ammo to shoot it a bit. Everywhere I looked, .41 mag ammo is fairly high compared to other more common ammo. I started by placing local ads looking for anybody that had some sitting on a shelf, no luck. I tried calling local big box stores, no go. I tried smaller LGS, no go. I tried local ranges, found some Remington SP for $1.60 rd and some Federal HP for $2 rd. I knew going in that I wouldnt want to pay to shoot it daily, but I guess I didnt expect .41 to be that much higher than .44.

I found reloads and reduced power cowboy action lead bullet loads online for fairly low prices, but I prefer not to shoot reloads and prefer full power jacketed magnum loads.

So, I got creative. I did a nationwide search on a gun board and found some Remington SP ammo at a local place in IL that had this stuff on the shelf for years, they said nobody around there ever bought much of it. They still had four 50 rd boxes left and would ship it to me for $140.

$.70 CPR? SOLD! Happy Day!

Ive shot a few cylinders of it. It definitely goes bang and I get that satisfying full power big bore magnum thump. A big thanks to High Caliber Range in Urbana IL. (Not affiliated).

Note the original price on the boxes.

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Old February 2nd, 2017, 11:38 AM   #2
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That's pretty steep!!

I 'hosed' myself a couple weeks ago on 44mag.

I'm the caretaker of my brothers Super Redhawk while he and his wife move back to Ohio and he said I could take it out anytime. So I'm at the LGS for something else and end up looking for 44mag. They have one lonely tattered box of Winchester for $55.00!! I'm shocked but what do I know, it's not my gun or caliber and the Obama years took a toll on industry prices. I figured "better now than never" and bought it. Needless to say, a week later me and my boy are walking through WM's Sporting Goods Dept looking for 22lr, (none as usual), and what do I see, the same 44mag. ammo for $38 and change.

Lesson learned.
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bwinters is a name known to allbwinters is a name known to allbwinters is a name known to allbwinters is a name known to allbwinters is a name known to allbwinters is a name known to all
41 mag is under rated and I love mine and I miss the two I sold. But 2 daughters got married in 09.
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Ive been there and done that before with ammo. I think if you buy enough different guns over the years its bound to happen once in a while with ammo youre not used to buying.

Yeah, .44 ammo isnt cheap but .41 makes it look like a deal from what Ive seen. At least I could usually find .44 locally. From what Ive seen, the only .41 I found locally is only available because of the price theyre a$king for it.

Oh well, this .41 wont be shot much anyway. Just when I get that big bore magnum illness. I take it out and shoot a couple cylinders and its a MIRACLE! IM CURED!

For a while anyway.
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Save your brass and invest in a Lee Hand Press , a set of Lee 41 magnum reloading dies and a Lee ram prime . The dies come with a shell holder , powder dipper and load data sheet. You will pay for the tools in no time flat !
Get a $20.00 Lee double cavity mould , cast your own bullets and you will be master of your own ammo supply.
That $35.00 per box cost should be considered highway robbery ....I haven't bought 41 ammo in years and that cost hard to believe. It makes the $24.00 I spent for 100 new Starline cases seem a downright bargin !
I just noticed the original price tag on the box....$65.95!!!! No wonder they were still on the shelf!
Long time 41 fan myself

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The original price is probably the reason it sat on their shelf for so long. I would have jumped at that deal too. Nice score. I love my .41 nmbh, but admittedly don't shoot it much. I bet that Remington Express ammo has killed plenty of deer in its day.
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When I found this 3 screw .41 Blackhawk at my favorite LGS about 3 years ago, I asked Jack if he had any .41 ammo. "Yep, I have one box." It was Remington's 210 gr JSP HTP ammo, and it was $54 for 50! I about crapped my pants! But I bought it so I could shoot my new to me gun. That ammo is now $60 or more, (as you see on what was found by the OP) but I only bought that one box, and then I ordered some .41 brass, dies and bullets. I can shoot it a lot cheaper now.

Supply and demand is the issue. Finding some that has been on someone's shelf for years is possible, but not easy to do. Reloading is the way to go for just about anything, except maybe 9mm and .223 these days.

Where's the picture of the .41 hammerfired? Mine's over < there, in my avatar. It was made in 1970. Ah heck, Here's a bigger picture. Front sight was modified by a previous owner, but it's dead on accurate.
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Makes me glad I reload...

I never had to buy .41 mag ammo.

I've got two to feed...

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Life is good
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mcoe74 will become famous soon enoughmcoe74 will become famous soon enough
.41 Magnum ammo is tough to find and it's not cheap. I sold my S&W Model 57 a couple of years ago due to the ammo situation. I had that revolver for over 25 years too.

At this point, if I can't find the ammo or components easily (at Walmart, local store, on-line, etc.) I will not buy the firearm.
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Old February 3rd, 2017, 07:13 PM   #10
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41....that certainly is the right caliber. If you don't feed them yourself the average person can't afford to shoot very often. It is the forgotten caliber and doesn't get the respect it deserves. I shoot mine as often as possible.
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41 is a reloader's caliber for sure. I have two and could not afford $50-60 a 50 round box. I bought one 20 round box when I bought the first revolver just to have something to shoot. Seems like I gave about $30 for 20 rounds of Federal Fusion. Now with home cast plinking loads I figure I've got about $7 a hundred invested. Price goes up a good bit for magnum loads behind a jacketed bullet, maybe $30-32 a hundred.
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Got my first 41 in 1982, and have not been without one since. I still remember paying $18 for a box of factory ammo to shoot it, and that got me started reloading.

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