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What are your opinions of the .357 Sig cartridge

This is a discussion on What are your opinions of the .357 Sig cartridge within the Ammo Dump forums, part of the Firearm Forum category; I have a conversion barrel for a G20SF. I like the round but reloading it has it's quirks. Having a set of 40 dies to ...

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I have a conversion barrel for a G20SF. I like the round but reloading it has it's quirks. Having a set of 40 dies to size the body and 357 Sig dies for the neck makes that part easy. But I've been having problems w/ consistent OAL. I found the problem. Case lengths are all over the place. Trimming the tiny cases isn't real high on my want to do list.

If you shoot cast bullets you're limited to molds that will work. Nose length is specific to the round and you need a flat bearing surface for the small neck to grab. It's not the hardest round to load but there are more steps than usual. You may have to bulge bust brass as well.

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Originally Posted by BuckeyeMini14Guy View Post
Thanks guys, looks like it might not be the cartridge I'd been hoping existed. I was hoping to find a hot little cartridge in a pistol as compact as a .38 with much more velocity than a 9mm because I don't believe .38 or 9mm are adequate at putting down a threat.
Hello again Buckeye, don't be dismayed none of them have that capability except on paper. We carry handguns cause we can't conceal a long gun/shotgun. (legally anyway)

But I understand completely where you are coming from. But if you want that kind of power and be able to conceal it anywhere including your front pocket as I do you'll have to make compromises and the biggest one is you'll have to get away from looking at semi-automatics.

But there's a whole laundry list of compromises involved. One of which is after you set that hand cannon off at the range you may not want any part of it.

If you are dead set on auto loaders I would look at the smaller .45 a.c.p. chamberings out there and some are capable of carrying really nice but realize as well the smaller and lighter you go it gets uncomfortable and uncontrollable sometimes. But a .45 out of all them handles it the best and in the right gun a blast to shoot.

Good luck in your search.
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Sadly I have no real world data since we haven't shot anyone with it since I switched my department over in 2008. Our last shootings were with Glock 22 .40s. Our chief wanted to switch us to .45 after the two shoots (lady took 8 rounds center mass and was still able to reload her shotgun before falling over and another guy took a glancing round to his temple, it went in the front, grazed his skull and went out the back, he was still able to run across a five lane street, through a parking lot, another five lane street then try to crawl under a van before I yanked him out). When he found out we would need new holsters and mag pouches if we switched to .45 he was going to scrap the idea until i mentioned 357sig in a Glock 31. Everything is the same except caliber. He knew I had been using 357 for my off duty weapons (Glock 32, 33, SIG P239, P229, HK USP Compact, HK P2000) and asked what research I did. I said none. USSS and FAMS use it and they did the research so he said good enough. That's how I got my department to support my 357 habit.

We have a new admin now and they were asking about switching to 9mm since a lot of agencies around us switched to 9mm. I said no. In seven years they can change (retiring in less than 7) but as long as I'm in charge, we sticking with 357. I have eight years of saved brass so far

I've shot the round into cars. Out of cars. Into bank windows. Into body armor. And I'm very happy with it. My issued weapon is a gen4 Glock 31 and my off duty guns are gen3 Glock 32 and 33 which I plan on replacing with twin gen4 32s this year.
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